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The Curtains Open on Lame Duck Theater
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Photoshop credit: Applecross Media and Big Fur Hat

I’ve already posted my post-midterm victory warning about what Republicans shouldn’t do at President Obama’s dog-and-pony bipartisan show scheduled for later this morning.

Here’s the WaPo preview of “Lame Duck Theater:”

When President Obama sits down with the new Republican congressional leaders for their first face-to-face meeting on Tuesday, the stated mission will be to make progress on ratifying an arms agreement with Russia and reaching a deal on soon-to-expire tax cuts.

But with the White House session scheduled to last just one hour, neither side anticipates emerging with a grand compromise. Instead, the goal will be to set a course for the weeks ahead – and to try to determine whether either side is serious about making concessions necessary to reach a deal.

White House officials sought to downplay expectations for the event, which the president had originally set for a week and a half earlier but had to postpone when Republicans complained they had not been adequately consulted. Obama’s aides said the session is “not a summit” and described it as “just one meeting” among many.

The closed-door session, which will take place at 10:30 a.m., has no fixed agenda. Instead, the participants – including Vice President Biden and the top two Democrats and Republicans from the House and Senate – will gather in the Roosevelt Room for what may amount to a bit of lame-duck theater, with each side attempting to appear simultaneously magnanimous and resolute.

It probably won’t take long to find out how things went: Obama will make a statement to reporters afterward, and the lawmakers are certain to flock to the cameras as well.

On Monday, Obama said he hoped the meeting will serve simply as a “first step toward a new and productive working relationship” between the two parties, pointing to the “shared responsibility” both sides have now that Republicans are about to assume control of the House.

“Shared” responsibility?

Obama never took responsibility when he and the Dems had everything in their hands.

And now he’s lecturing about “shared responsibility?”

Lame indeed.


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