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D'oh: Sen. Dodd's Tweet of the Day Update: Dodd's Office Sends E-Mail
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This is from Corruptocrat Sen. Chris Dodd’s official Twitter feed.

Leave your best guess about who the message was meant for and what “sh*t” his office is talking about…Angelo Mozilo and one last sweetheart deal? Harry Reid and shamnesty? A K Street lobbyist dangling an enticing, post-retirement job prospect?

An update from Dodd’s staff, who hastily deleted the above Tweet:

Heh. Brittany Cohan isn’t buying the staff alibi, noting that the original tweet was sent via text, while the retraction was tweeted via the web: “[M]ethinks that people need to not assume we are all twitter novices before they go around telling stories.”

Update: Dodd’s office just sent the following:

Statement from Dodd Staff:

“Due to a technical mistake, a message was inadvertently sent from Senator Dodd’s twitter account. Senator Dodd did not send the message. We have corrected the situation and apologize to his followers for the mistake and inappropriate language used in the message.”


Hard to parody the self-parodying, but someone on Twitter is already capitalizing on the Dodd botch. Heh.

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