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Open-Borders Lobby to Dingy Harry: Knock, Knock. Pay Up.
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The open-borders lobby went all in for Barack Obama, who promised them “comprehensive immigration reform” — translation: blanket amnesty — and failed to deliver.

Then they went all in for Harry Reid (reminder: Harry Reid’s non-English-speaking voting bloc).

And now, the OBL expects “payback.”

Roll Call reports:

Immigration reform advocates said Wednesday that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid owes “a debt” to Hispanics for helping him get re-elected, and they expect payback in the coming weeks with Senate action on a contentious immigration proposal.

That proposal, of course, is the illegal alien student bailout otherwise known as the “DREAM Act.” Before the midterms, it failed to garner enough votes to get past cloture when Reid attached it to the Senate defense authorization bill.

Activists, focus your attention of the Soros/open-borders Republicans who have co-sponsored and/or voted for the DREAM Act in the past.


Just a reminder about the open-borders Republicans who have supported the DREAM Act:

Soros Republican John McCain was a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act and reiterated his support at a La Raza panderfest in 2008:

Utah GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch is one of the original architects of the DREAM Act. So is Indiana GOP Sen. Dick Lugar. Other GOP Senators who have voted for the DREAM Act: Bob Bennett, Sam Brownback, Norm Coleman, Susan Collins, Larry Craig. Chuck Hagel, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Trent Lott, Mel Martinez, Olympia Snowe. Former Arkansas GOP governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is not only for the DREAM Act, but for vastly expanding tuition benefits for illegal aliens.

Harry Reid isn’t the only one out of touch.


McCain tells illegal alien students he will work to “resolve their issues” and pass a DREAM Act after he “secures the border,” which shouldn’t take long, he says.

No surprise at all.

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