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Harry Reid's Non-English-Speaking Voting Bloc
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Nothing smells right about Harry Reid.

His re-election on Tuesday has deepened the stench. Theories are flying left and right to explain the failure of polls that had consistently showed Sharron Angle ahead.

The New York Times points to Latinos as Reid’s hidden salvation. And not just any Latinos. It was apparently Latinos who prefer not to speak English who curiously turned out in droves for Reid.

Chew on this:

I riffed a little bit last night on why the public polls might have been wrong in Nevada; I speculated, for instance, that the fact that Mr. Reid is the sort of candidate whom one votes for unenthusiastically might have skewed the turnout models.

There is another theory, however, which was proposed to me last night by Matt Barreto of the polling firm Latino Decisions.

“There is one overarching reason why the polls were wrong in Nevada,” Mr. Barreto wrote in an e-mail to FiveThirtyEight. “The Latino vote.”

His firm, which conducts interviews in both English and Spanish, had found that Latino voters — somewhat against the conventional wisdom — were relatively engaged by this election and for the most part were going to vote Democratic. Mr. Barreto also found that Latino voters who prefer to speak Spanish — about 40 percent of Latino voters in California meet this description, he told me — are particularly likely to vote Democratic. Pollsters who don’t conduct bilingual interviewing at all, or who make it cumbersome for the respondent to take the poll in Spanish, may be missing these voters.

More from Newsweek:

According to election-eve polling and analysis by Latino Decisions, a surveying firm, Hispanics chose Reid over Angle 90 percent to 8 percent—an astounding margin. CNN’s exit polls showed a significantly smaller spread, with Reid winning 68 percent to Angle’s 30 percent. But Latino Decisions argues that exit-polling methodology is typically inaccurate at measuring voting by Hispanics and other subgroups. The firm also contends that exit polls tend to lowball Latino turnout. Still, CNN’s figures show that Hispanics constituted 15 percent of the Nevada electorate this year, a notable increase over the last midterm cycle, in 2006, when they made up 12 percent. “Latinos certainly saved Harry Reid,” says Gary Segura, a member of Latino Decisions and a professor at Stanford University.

So, the least assimilated, non-English-speaking voters turned out for an open-borders Democrat panderer whose top priorities this lame-duck session including passing the illegal alien DREAM Act student bailout.


If only we could clone newly-elected, voter fraud-fighting Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and send him to Searchlight.

Reid’s rescuers miraculously appeared after a concerted effort by the Left to stoke the ire of shamnesty supporters and employ illegal aliens as canvassers — not to mention the White House directive from President Obama to Latinos on Univision to “punish our enemies” for their opposition to lax immigration policies.

Reid infamously race-baited in August, taunting Hispanic conservatives as aberrations. And Reid’s non-English-speaking voting bloc surfaced after a massive push by his Purple-Shirted allies at the SEIU and other radical prog groups to get them to the polls. From October 27 on the SEIU website:

If that Pew Hispanic poll from August is still driving your analysis of the Latino vote, you might want to get up to speed: Latino Decisions’ latest tracking poll, released yesterday, shows that the number of Latino registered voters who say they are “almost certain” to show up at the polls is now 75.1% — a full 10% higher than it was four weeks ago, according to previous Latino Decisions research.

…and $5.4 million is going toward making sure it keeps climbing. Last week, a number of national and local organizations highlighted their efforts to turn out the immigrant and Latino vote. Democracia USA, the Campaign for Community Change and the We Are America Alliance, among others, combined forces to announce a $5.4 million nationwide effort. They are targeting over a million Latino, Asian and immigrant voters in twenty-three states.

No wonder they are fighting so hard to sabotage voter ID/proof-of-citizenship requirements.

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