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How Much "Walking Around Money" Will Dems Spend Today?
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Guy Benson at Townhall has the rundown on Illinois Democrats receiving what is reported to be a large infusion of “walking around money” from the DNC for the tight Senate race.

Last week, a candid Philly Democrat openly bragged on MSNBC about spending “street money” to grease the wheels of the machine:

More on the Dems’ time-honored, vote-buying tradition across the country:

Street money, while distasteful in some areas, has a history in Philadelphia. So rooted is the practice that local ward leaders were befuddled when Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 refused to pay it during the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton. Obama’s campaign argued that their operation was volunteer-only, but one local organizer warned in a newspaper interview at the time that Philadelphia is a “machine city” — and that workers would take money from Clinton if Obama wouldn’t cough it up.

Guess he was hoarding it for Chicagoans.

…In Nevada, Senate Republican nominee Sharron Angle’s campaign has accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of trying to “steal” the election, claiming that the Democrat’s campaign is offering voters food and that his allies could even be offering voters gift cards.

…While Nevada is not exactly a “walking around money” hotbed, places like Baltimore and Chicago are. The issue showed up earlier in the season in the Windy City, where Cook County Board President Todd Stroger reportedly tapped $43,000 in such funds. reported in August that his campaign claimed the money was given to workers for basic expenses, though questions were raised about whether he properly documented how the money was used.

Not that the corruptocrat, double-standard-imposing AG Eric Holder and his Department of Social Justice are going to do anything about it. But 2012 is just around the corner…

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