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Vulnerable Democrat John Hickenlooper: Colorado's George Soros Mini-Me; Update: Hick & Obama, a Love Story
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Here in my home state of Colorado, the Tom Tancredo Surge continues. Polls consistently show Tancredo’s independent gubernatorial candidacy within 1-5 points of vulnerable Democrat opponent John Hickenlooper, the mayor of Denver. The latest poll from Democratic pollster PPP shows Tancredo within 3 points. Hickenlooper is still drawing under 50 percent. It’s Hick at 47, Tancredo 44, and imploded GOP candidate Dan Maes at a negligible 5 percent. As I said at the beginning of this month, insurgent Tancredo is Colorado’s best hope for crossing the finish line first and pulling Colorado back from the progressive brink as Obama and his clones drag down America.

There’s a reason unenthused voters have, in Hickenlooper’s own words, responded to his campaign with “nonchalance.” He’s a phony “moderate” poseur whose strategy for hiding his radical progressive views is to suffer convenient bouts of amnesia, evade public disclosure, or hide behind Maes.

To wit: Hickenlooper, Colorado’s George Soros mini-me, established a far Left charity called the Chinook Fund that has provided funds to social justice groups ranging from ACORN to open-borders activism to Israel-bashing and the Recreate 68 anarchists whose threatened disruptions at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 2008 cost the city and federal taxpayers tens of millions in added security measures. The Chinook Fund takes pride in supporting groups considered “too risky or too radical” by mainstream foundations, but founder Hickenlooper refused to fully disclose to voters or the press the extent of his donations to the fund while serving as Denver mayor. The Complete Colorado website investigated on its own and found that Hickenlooper’s fund gave to the radical “Transform Columbus Day Alliance,” which believes Columbus Day is “racist” and which rioted in 2007 in downtown Denver — leading to 83 arrests:

The 2007 Columbus Day Parade protests included bloodied fake babies in the streets.

Photo credit: Michael Sandoval

Not surprisingly, Hickenlooper is a fan of Marxist agitator and disgraced green jobs czar Van Jones — whom he called a “rock star” and “even bigger and better in life than what you’ve heard:”

Asked about his praise for Jones, Hickenlooper lamely told radio host Mike Rosen he barely remembered the extremist he fawned over. See Colorado blogger Ross Kaminsky’s thorough takedown here. Kaminsky concludes:

The idea that a Mayor so steeped in the “green” movement would not know Van Jones is a stretch. The idea that Hickenlooper knew nothing about Van Jones other than that he was “from Oakland” and worked “to keep kids in school” after participating in at least four events together does not pass the giggle test, particularly after Jones had been so much in the news late last year.

I should note that there are plenty of people on the far left of American politics and involved in the radical environmental, also called “green”, movement, who would be pleased to pal around with and be associated with Van Jones. Personally, I’d feel like a traitor if I befriended someone like Jones, a man who has long professed an antipathy toward capitalism. But that’s just me…


The point here is not primarily that Hickenlooper associated with Jones (although I do hold that against him), but that the evidence points strongly toward the Mayor lying about it. Hickenlooper knows that to win an election in Colorado he can’t lose his guy-next-door facade of moderation — a facade which would be greatly damaged by ties to someone with Jones’ history.

Voters must make their own inferences from the Mayor’s apparent dissembling. For those who are interested, here’s my take:

The mayor’s facade of being a moderate would be damaged by the public being informed of his repeated association with Van Jones. Therefore, he decided to play dumb and hope nobody would dig any deeper. Now that certain people have dug deeper, the implausibility of Hickenlooper’s memory lapse has to make voters question not only his “moderation” but his facility with the truth as well.

When Hickenlooper isn’t dissing rural Coloradans as “backwards,” he’s deriding workers worried about the recession as mental basket cases. Speaking of mental problems, Hickenlooper believes it is “insane not to be spending tens and tens of billions” of dollars on climate change, but protests “I’m a moderate” in the same breath.

And when Hickenlooper isn’t trash-talking voters in his own state, suffering election-year amnesia, or protecting his radical prog friends and allies, he’s refusing to take responsibility for his illegal alien sanctuary policies and accusing victims of illegal alien crime of “seaminess” for supporting Tancredo. At last Friday’s gubernatorial debate, Hickenlooper attacked Tancredo over the campaign ad featuring supporter Marat Kudlis — a legal immigrant whose 3-year-old son was killed by a serial catch-and-release illegal alien. Watch the ad:

Hickenlooper refuses to debate Tancredo one-on-one on his support of sanctuary policies, instead hiding behind Dan Maes (that wouldn’t be fair to Maes, he protested at the debate) and condescendingly accusing Kudlis of being “exploited.”

How dare he.

I’ve met Kudlis — a fierce, powerful speaker and advocate for immigration enforcement policies. Watch Kudlis’s speech last week for yourselves:

Kudlis supports Tancredo for the same reasons I do: Because we know that he will turn around the reckless policies of progressives in “moderate” clothing. Because he has the organizational skills, diverse support, and proven leadership abilities to govern. Because he has stood up to the thuggish left-wing mob and will stand up to them again to stop the Soros-ization of Colorado.


From Kelly Maher at WhoSaidYouSaid, a video compilation of the love affair between Hickenlooper and Obama:

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