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Mi Familia Vota, SEIU, and the Illegal Alien Swing Vote
Know your enemies.
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Democrats have long partnered with the illegal alien lobby at election time.

Flashback 9/2010: Video: Boxer’s non-English-speaking day labor protesters

Flashback 4/2009: Obama Census Plan: No Illegal Alien Left Behind

Flashback 6/2006: California Democrat invites illegal alien help

Flashback 4/2006: Illegal alien voter recruitment

Flashback 10/2004: The illegal alien swing vote

Flashback 7/2004: Where illegal aliens can vote in local elections

Keep all this context in mind as you familiarize yourselves with Mi Familia Vota, the Latino “social justice” group and Big Labor satellite whose name keeps cropping up in voter fraud stories.

Via Discover the Networks:

* Run by progressive labor leaders

* Works to naturalize new citizens, to register new voters, and to use the 2010 Census as a redistributive mechanism

The Mi Familia Vota Education Fund (MFVEF) is an open-borders group that advocates “social and economic justice.” It maintains offices in Arizona, Colorado and Texas. As a national partner of the Ya Es Hora, Hagase Contar! (“It’s Time, Make Yourself Count!”) campaign, MFVEF works in conjunction with the NALEO Education Fund, the National Council of La Raza, the Service Employees International Union, Univisión Communications, Entravisión Communications, and ImpreMedia to naturalize new citizens, to register voters, and to use the 2010 Census to redistribute wealth and power in the direction of Mexican immigrants. MFVEF is also part of the Center for Community Change’s massive Reform Immigration for America campaign and operates as a prominent member of the We Are America Alliance.

MFVEF identifies the following as its major objectives:


“Expanding the electorate through direct, sustainable citizenship, voter registration, census education, GOTV [Get-Out-The-Vote] and issue organizing in key states”;


“Forming and supporting key alliances at national, state and local levels to increase civic engagement”;


“Providing technical assistance and support to other organizations”; and


“Increasing public support for full civic participation for New Americans.”

MFVEF’s Board of Directors is largely comprised of leaders from progressive activist and labor organizations. Cuc Vu, the President/CEO of the MFVEF, serves as the Chief Diversity Officer of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), America’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil-rights group. Before joining HRC, Vu worked for ten years at the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Her ideology centers on progressive identity politics — “the key role that LGBT people of color can play as bridge builders between the LGBT community and people of color communities.”

Eliseo Medina, Cuc Vu’s longtime mentor and partner at the SEIU, serves as MFVEF’s treasurer. A socialist who sat on Barack Obama’s National Latino Advisory Council, Medina is one of the most powerful figures in progressive labor today. He serves as the International Executive Vice President of the SEIU and is well known for his open-borders advocacy.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer reminded Americans that “in June of 2009, former International Executive Vice President and current International Secretary-Treasurer, Eliseo Medina, laid out the SEIU’s view of comprehensive immigration reform as a way to generate eight million ‘progressive’ voters to support their efforts.”

Via Hunter Cantor:

Mi Familia Vota is formally registered as a “non-partisan” 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, as non-partisan is a requirement to do voter drives. Obviously this wholly-owned SEIU sub-organization is just as “non-partisan” (NOT) as ACORN was before documented fraudulent behaviors finally killed it. As shown below, this is merely one of many so-called “non-partisan non-profits” registered to support Democrat politics…

… there is likely absolutely nothing non-partisan about Mi Familia Vota. It is and has always been wholly controlled and owned by the SEIU, and has since at least 2006 shared Arizona office space with SEIU Arizona. Mi Familia Vota has been a registered Washington organization since 2003. A documented strategy of hiding behind 501(c)(3) organizations, with less requirements do show their financial political funding than other organizations, such as formal Unions and Companies.

Note that Mi Familia Vota has been operating under the SEIU umbrella since at least 2004, but was not formally registered in Arizona until Oct 20, 2008 to be able to drive Hispanic voters for the presidential election. This despite that as owned by the SEIU, there is really nothing “non-partisan” about Mi Familia Vota. But by pretending like the two organizations are separate, SEIU can pretend to merely be “supporting” Hispanics at protest rallies and similar, while in reality being one and the same.

It should be required for political action non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations to formally announce to people they contact where they really belong, and whose agenda they are really driving.

Someone not knowing the real connection might contribute to the non-profit for all the wrong reasons.

Some documentation:

* The web-site domain for Mi Familia Vota (, created Aug 14, 2006) is and has been officially owned and registered by the SEIU. All contact names/addresses/email for the domain are listed as part of the SEIU in Washington.

Contact: [email protected]

Domain name:

Administrative Contact:

Domain Manager ([email protected])

Fax: +1.2027307304

1800 Massachusetts Ave NW

Washington, DC 20036, US

* From and the SEIU web-site respectively, the physical addresses listed for the two organizations refer to the same office address. 3707 N 7th Str, Suite 100, Phoenix AZ. Even before Oct 2008, when Mi Familia Vota was finally formally registered in Arizona, the web-site versions as far back as at least 2007 refer to this same SEIU Arizona address as the formal address for MFV.

Physical Address for SEIU ArizonaPhysical Address for Mi Familia Vota

Physical Street Address for Mi Familia Vota and SEIU Arizona


* The Arizona incorporation filing for Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, which is its formal name, shows that it was registered as an Arizona foreign (meaning not from Arizona) Corporation, as a Washington entity with two names, “Mi Familia Vota Education Fund” and “America’s Families United, Inc”, both registered with an agent in Washington as “Lichtman, Trister et al”, an attorneys office specializing in non-profit registrations. Both registered to the attorney’s address of 1666 Connecticut Ave, N.W. Suite 500, Washington, DC 20009. Registering Mi Familia Vota as another version of “America’s Families United, Inc”, another SEIU organization, makes it seem to the Arizona Corporation Commission, where the company has to be registered, as if there is a level of legitimacy about it. SEIU is not mentioned on the papers filed at all. However, the Arizona “agent” for Mi Familia Vota, which is required for registration in Arizona, just happens to be listed as Carlos Duarte, 3707 N 7TH ST STE 100, PHOENIX, AZ 85014. Same SEIU address as listed above, where Carlos Duarte’s formal job is as the SEIU Arizona State Chapter Coordinator.

Here in my home state of Colorado, when they’re not amassing shady voter registrations, Mi Familia Vota workers are aggressively pushing the illegal alien student bailout — the DREAM Act — as they canvass for votes.

Arizonans, Coloradans, Texans: Keep a close eye on MFV. And remember: If you see something, say something.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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