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Open-Borders Extremist Raul Grijalva Running Scared
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On Sept. 27, I endorsed GOP challenger Ruth McClung in the AZ-07 congressional race and urged you to show your support. You’ve watched and helped her candidacy gain rapid momentum over the last several weeks. She raised $100k in a single day thanks to last week’s grass-roots money bomb. Full disclosure: I contributed $100 to the effort.

Now, open-borders incumbent Raul Grijalva is screaming “RAAAAADICAL” and the DCCC is trying to ride to his rescue by attacking her as fiscally irresponsible:

National Democrats are coming to the defense of Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.).

Grijalva has recently been putting up some weak poll numbers in a heavily Democratic district and is under fire from conservative groups over his call for a boycott of Arizona.

To help save the party from an embarrassing defeat, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee went up on the air with a TV ad targeting Grijalva’s opponent, Republican Ruth McClung.

The ad hits McClung for supporting a “new national sales tax” and “tax breaks for corporation shipping jobs overseas.”

McClung’s response here. Quite rich for the auto bailout-supporting, pro-porkulus, Obamacare-peddling Grijalva to worry about fiscal sanity now.

FYI: Grijalva is just one of several vulnerable Arizona Democrats.

Keep working for an Election Day clean sweep.

Remember: The ballot box is the ultimate sanitizer!

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