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Smearing Ken Buck
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Progressive attack dogs are trying desperately to drag Colorado GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck’s name through the mud. They will only end up with the indelible smell of dog crap on their own hands.

The non-issue: Buck’s decision not to prosecute a five-year-old alleged rape case for lack of evidence.

Responsible district attorneys have to make tough decisions like these all the time. Since even the Huffington Post was forced to acknowledge that such prosecutorial calculations are “not entirely rare with such delicate cases,” the best they can do is accuse Buck of “insensitivity.” The lefties then contradict themselves by attacking Buck for sensitively and sensibly advising the accuser of the consequences of moving forward and going public given the ambiguities of her case:

“[W]hen you describe yourself as “bedfellows,” as you did indicate that you were “bedfellows,” it’s hard to convince a Weld County jury that this wasn’t consensual, when that is your label,” he said. “So there are those kinds of factors. This office doesn’t believe in blaming the victim for the conduct of the case, but we do have to take into account what a Weld County jury sees in the relationship. You had consumed a lot of alcohol. You had a prior relationship … According to him, you were naked from the top up when he came into the bedroom. So, there are enough indicators or indications that, in my opinion, make this impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.”

At another moment in the conversation, Buck urged the woman not to seek alternate legal remedies, floating the possibility of painful press coverage as a discouragement.

“Be aware of something, if this, if you file this motion, it will be very public, publicly covered event. There are a lot of things that I have a knowledge of, that I would assume [redacted] knows about and that they have to do with, perhaps, your motives for [unintelligible] and that is part of what our calculation has been in this.”

Buck made clear that his office was committed to prosecuting date rape crimes — and made clear that he didn’t want victims to be deterred from coming forward because of one weak case.

Note well: The accuser, who decided not to move forward on the allegations, did not initiate this attack on Buck. ProgressNow of Colorado hunted her down and is crowing about it:

“We tracked her down,” said Forseth. “She wasn’t looking to get this out there. But we managed to find her … I just wanted to see what the actual case was. I wanted to hear her side and see what the case was.”

Voters in Colorado should treat this bottom-of-the-barrel attack the same way voters in New Mexico treated a similar attack on GOP gubernatorial candidate and district attorney Susana Martinez: With utter contempt.

When radical progressives attempt to paint conservative candidates with proven prosecutorial records as soft on crime, the laughable Left will always lose. Always.


What a stupid headline from Politico: “Rape case haunts Buck in Colorado.”

The only thing ghoulish about this story is the willingness of the Left to exploit the young woman and splash the graphic details of her police report in public in a failed attempt to humiliate Buck.

If this is how they think they’re going to win over women voters, they’re even more delusional than I thought.

Support Ken Buck here.


More on ProgressNow/Colorado Independent coordination from Michael Sandoval at NRO here.

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