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Colorado Watch: Tancredo for Governor
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The GOP gubernatorial candidate in Colorado, Dan Maes, is now in full meltdown mode. I mentioned his campaign briefly back in August on primary night, but have been tracking developments closely here in my home state. Republican primary voters were forced to choose between entrenched, ethics-challenged establishment candidate Scott McInnis and untested businessman Maes. GOP voters made the right choice given the options at the time. Maes and his supporters deserve deep thanks for sparing us a McInnis massacre. But it’s time to pass on the baton.

Plagued by mounting ethics allegations and other campaign woes, Maes’ candidacy has imploded. His fund-raising is on life support and Tea Party activists who initially buoyed his candidacy are abandoning him. Some GOP bureaucrats are more worried about the Republican ballot positioning/fund-raising consequences of abandoning Maes than they are about the destructive policies Democrat John Hickenlooper will put in place if he wins the governor’s mansion. It’s that slavish adherence to partisan interests over principle that led to the Tea Party movement in the first place.

Third-party challenger Tom Tancredo, who has pleaded for weeks for Maes to step aside, has eclipsed him. The writing is on the wall: There is one conservative in the governor’s race who can win — and it is not Maes.

Democrat Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper has 46 percent of the vote.

Tancredo pulls 34 percent.

Republican Dan Maes trails with 15 percent.

Note this: Tancredo leads Hickenlooper among Hispanic voters, edges Hickenlooper among young voters, and trounces Maes among Tea Party-affiliated voters:

The automated telephone poll of 647 likely voters was conducted Sept. 28-30 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.

…Hickenlooper leads among women and every age group except 18 to 34, where he is behind Tancredo 39 percent to 40 percent.

Tancredo, who is best-known for his staunch position against illegal immigration, also leads Hickenlooper among Hispanic voters, 42 percent to 40 percent. He is ahead of Maes, considered a Tea Party candidate, with those who have a favorable opinion of that group, 64 percent to 27 percent.

Hickenlooper leads the three among those whose top issue is jobs and the economy. Tancredo leads among those whose top issue is either illegal immigration or the federal deficit.

Tancredo has brought together a broad coalition of Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians, grass-roots activists and elected local and state officials alike. I haven’t agreed with every stance he has taken or statement he has made, but he is a proven, tested public leader — committed to core conservative principles and our national sovereignty — who has the passion, energy, competence, and organizational skills to beat job-killing liberal John Hickenlooper. Tancredo can cross the finish line first and pull Colorado back from the progressive brink as Obama drags down America.

Voters on the center-Right in Colorado have been blessed with the time and opportunity to change course before Election Day and unite behind one viable conservative candidate with the momentum to win. Seize the moment.


Here’s a partial list of Tancredo’s latest endorsements. Count me in, too:

Bob Schaffer

– Colorado State Board of Education Chairman and former Republican Congressman

• Bob Beauprez

– Former Republican Congressman and State Republican Party Chair

• Joel Hefley

– Former Republican Congressman, El Paso County – 5th Congressional District

• Lynn Hefley

– Former Republican State Representative, El Paso County

• Cheri Gerou

– Republican State Representative

• Marsha Looper

– Republican State Representative

• Greg Brophy

– Republican State Senator

• Ted Harvey

– Republican State Senator

• Josh Penry

– Republican State Senator & Former Minority Leader

• Shawn Mitchell

– State Senator

• Steve King

– Congressman, (R-IA)

• Mike Sheeley

– Former 7th Congressional Republican Candidate

• Bo Cottrell

– Former Arapahoe County Republican Chair

• Tory Brown

– Former Arapahoe County Republican Chair

• Rick Grice

– Former Arapahoe County Republican Men’s Club President

• E.E. Casey Hayes

– Former Democrat State Representative

• Eric Prinzler

– Former Republican State Representative

• Frank DeFilippo

– Former Republican State Representative

• Bruce Cairns

– Former Republican State Senator

• Cliff Dodge

– Former Republican State Senator

• Matt Dunn

– Former State House Candidate

• Chris Paulson

– Former State Representative/House Majority Leader

• Andy McElhany

– Former State Senator/Senate Minority Leader, El Paso County

• Michael Brown

– KOA Talk Show Host

• Jon Caldara

– President, Independence Institute, and KOA Talk Show Host

• Retired Col. David Hughes

– Democrat Activist , El Paso County

• Gary Bohall

– El Paso County Republican Activist

• Joe Wilson

– Erie Mayor

• Rose Evans

– Former Administrative Officer, EPA Denver (Reagan Administration)

• Lynne Cottrell

– Former Arapahoe County Republican Chair

• Nathan Chambers

– Former Arapahoe County Republican Chairman and current Republicans for Tom Tancredo State Chairman

• Dan Kopelman

– Former President of Denver Metro Young Republicans and Former President of Jewish Republicans of Col

• Jimmy Lakey

– Former Republican candidate for Congress and KNUS host

• Jim Welker

– Former Republican State Representative

• John McElderry

– Former Republican State Representative

• Lauri Clapp

– Former Republican State Representative

• Matt Knoedler

– Former Republican State Representative

• Pam Rhodes

– Former Republican State Representative

• Rob Witwer

– Former Republican State Representative

• Ruth Prendergast

– Former Republican State Representative

• Jim Reeves

– Former Republican State Representative and former Arapahoe County Assessor

• Joe Stengel

– Former Republican State Representative and Minority Leader

• Hugh Fowler

– Former Republican State Senator

• Maynard Yost

– Former Republican State Senator

• Steve Durham

– Former Republican State Senator

• Tom Wiens

– Former Republican State Senator

• Cliff Bryan

– Former State Representative

• John Herzog

– Former State Representative

• Steve Erickson

– Former State Representative

• Mike Dunafon

– Glendale Mayor Pro Tempore

• Cinamon Watson

– GOP Strategist

• Michael Jude

– Heritage Foundation Member

• Janet Rowland

– Mesa County Commissioner

• Mr. & Mrs. Marak Kudlis

– Parents of Marten Kudlis

• Eric Field

– Past President, Colorado Jewish Republicans

• Karen Kataline

– President, Jewish Republicans of Colorado

• Sunny Roseman

– Radio Show Host KLZ Radio 560AM

• Steve Schuck

– Republican Activist

• Ted Martin

– Republican Activist, Arapahoe County

• Jim Dyer

– Republican Arapahoe County Commissioner

• Glenn Rhoades

– Republican Education Activist

• Spencer Swalm

– Republican State Representative

• Russell Pearce

– Republican State Senator, Arizona

• Jay Lower

– Retired Executive Director, Colorado Contractors Association

• Lou Schroeder

– State Chairman, Democrats for Tom Tancredo, Arapahoe County


New Tea Party endorsements for Tancredo announced this morning:

Tea Party Leadership Endorses Tancredo

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—More than 30 tea party leaders and grassroots activists from across Colorado today announced their endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo, adding their names to a rapidly growing list of conservatives supporting the former Republican Congressman.


“The prospect of having Mayor John Hickenlooper win the governorship of the State of Colorado is unacceptable to us,” said Bob Marshall, secretary of Hear Us Now! “Colorado citizens need assurance that we are doing the best we can to support a solid and winning conservative candidate to represent us in the Colorado State Capitol. Based on polling trends and the direction that the governor’s race has taken over the course of the last several weeks, we firmly believe that candidate Tom Tancredo represents Colorado’s best choice in this race. We strongly urge you to add your support to ours – for the sake of Colorado.”

The following grassroots activists have endorsed Tom Tancredo for governor of Colorado. Their endorsements reflect their personal views and do not represent in any way the memberships or organizations to which they belong.

–Brian Campbell, co-organizer, first Denver Tea Party rally 2/27/09, co-organizer of the 2009 Denver Tax Day Tea Party, co-founder, Hear Us Now!, and former Republican candidate for CD-7

–Jenny Hatch, opening speaker for the first Denver Tea Party rally 2/27/09 and organizer of the Constitution Tea Party

–Keith Peterson, chairman and co-founder, Hear Us Now! (organizers of the 2009 and 2010 Denver Tax Day Tea Parties)

–Charles Patricoff, vice-chairman, Hear Us Now!

–Robert Marshall, secretary, Hear Us Now!

–Craig Jones, treasurer, Hear Us Now!

–Nancy McKiernan, founder, Tea Party Brewing

–Patricia Bechtoldt, co-organizer, Genesee Conservatives

–Maria Fullinwider, co-organizer, Genesee Conservatives

–Margo Knutson, co-founder/developer, Coffee4Conservatives

–Mitch Knutson, co-founder, Coffee4Conservatives

–Crista Huff, political teacher/writer

–Kathy Baker, co-organizer, The Original Colorado Tea Party, former co-organizer, Evergreen/Conifer Tea Party

–Grace Charree, co-organizer, The Original Colorado Tea Party, and organizer of the Rocky Mountain Tea Party

–Annette Cole, co-organizer, Rocky Mountain Tea Party

–Charcie Russell

–Abigail Keating, organizer, Clear Creek Tea Party

–Virginia Young, founder, Broomfield 912, founder and co-organizer, In God We Trust 912

–Jen Raiffie, conservative activist and Adams County Republican precinct committee person

–Marla Gillespie, co-organizer, In God We Trust 912, member Denver/Front Range 912

–Francesca Subramanian, co-founder and board member of a local liberty group

–Guy Pacot, grassroots activist

–Katherine Vitale, conservative grassroots activist

–Nancy Wenlock, grassroots activist

–Mick and Vickie Murray, Tancredo area captains for North El Paso County and grassroots activists in the conservative movement

–Rob Timmons, grassroots activist

–Brian Pike, co-founder and former president of Revive Our American Republic (ROAR)

–Leslie White, grassroots activist

–John Ransom, former Douglas County GOP chair and grassroots activist

–Brian Wilson, grassroots activist

–Phil and Marge North, tea partiers from Evergreen

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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