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Soon-to-be lame duck Harry Reid is promising yet another vote on the perpetually rejected DREAM Act illegal alien student bailout. Univision host Jorge Ramos crowed about it on his Twitter page, promoting an interview with Reid scheduled to air this Sunday. The Huffington Post confirmed: Don't forget: A critical number of
They're baaaaaaack. Before the Philly New Black Panther Party radicals showed up at a voting booth in 2008 with billy clubs and racial epithets at the ready, my old nemesis Malik Shabazz -- the NBPP thug-in-chief -- put out a nationwide warning. Remember? “We will be at the polls in the cities and counties in... Read More
Scroll for updates... Looks like there has been a coordinated attack on UPS planes worldwide today. Reports are breaking on a Yemen-Chicago plane stopped in London with a bomb on board. Planes also pulled over in Newark and Philadelphia. Wild guess: It wasn't planned by a Catholic or Mormon network. (Sarcasm off.) Which MSNBC host... Read More
The wall-to-wall campaign coverage has distracted me from noting several terrifying shootings in the Beltway area -- all targeting the military and specifically, the Marines. The shooter is apparently on the loose with a high-powered rifle. Earlier in the week, there were three incidents: Last night, the Marine Corp musem was targe
My column today pays tribute to some of the conservative women on the campaign trail who have not only weathered the nastiest ad hominem attacks, but who have risen above them with amazing grace. Is it any wonder that women are abandoning the Democrat Party? Readers of this blog have known that women played a... Read More
If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you know all about the Gawker smear machine and its misogynist war on conservative women. Under Gawker Media boss Nick Denton, barrel-scraping blog Wonkette published racist, sexist crap like this: And manufactured smears like this. In 2008, it was lying Gawker that published Sarah Palin's hacked private... Read More
There is no "apology." So I'm not sure why Mediaite headlines its latest Joy Behar video, "Joy Behar Apologizes For Calling Sharron Angle 'Bitch;' Says It’s 'A Term Of Endearment.' In fact, the non-"apology" shows that in addition to being a foul-mouthed, spewing shrew, Behar is also an inveterate coward who won't take responsibility for... Read More
Post-racial America, we hardly knew you. On the heels of California Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez screeching about "the Vietnamese" and GOP challenger Van Tran trying to "take away" her seat in the year's most embarrassing ethnic card implosion, you would think other California minority politicians would forsake such poisonous identity politics. Nope, not a chance.... Read More
Old logo: New logo: Photoshop credit: Commenter jeffjackie Via Dan Collins, did taxpayer bailed-out Bank of America give the Democrat Party a sweetheart election-year loan? Richard Pollack raises the question in a PJM exclusive: Shortly after Labor Day, as polls continued to sink, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) realized it needed a cash infusion for... Read More
Photo credit: Leo Alberti The Boxer for Senate campaign in California is brazenly recruiting public school students through the teachers' union. Jon Coupal at FlashReport has the scoop and a copy of the solicitation: Make sure to read the letter, which promises students "extra credit" and credit for fulfilling "class vol
Photo - Jon Humbert After Joy Behar's "bitch" session on The Spew yesterday, Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle struck back...with flowers and a cheery note. Via Elizabeth Crum at NRO Battle '10: Laughter is the best medicine. Victory on Nov. 2 will be the best revenge. *** Read reaction to Behar's crude comments from... Read More
Colorado Democrat Senate candidate Michael Bennet has been getting plenty of help from the liberal media in his tight race with GOP upstart Ken Buck. But not everyone in the media is willing to play along. The hosts of KOA's morning show in Denver, Steffan Tubbs and April Zesbaugh, made public an e-mail from the... Read More
Richard Trumka is at it again. Via the Labor Union Report, the AFL-CIO is attacking 10th amendment activists for their "cultish beliefs" in constitutional government. Their partners in slime? Soros-funded Think Progress, of course: Yep, states rights and federalism are now "cultish beliefs" -- and Big Labor lets us know how it re
My column today builds on Monday's voter fraud round-up and spotlights left-wing efforts to demonize citizen election watchdogs. New developments since I filed the piece yesterday: Dingy Harry turns to election bribery. Guess who's operating Las Vegas voting booths? Rhymes with S-E-I-U. Chicagoans are plagued by a botched vote-by-mail system. In Minnesota, charges are still... Read More
No illegal alien voter left behind.
Yes, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals strikes again. And yes, Sandra Day O'Connor played a role in helping the liberal majority. Facepalm: The court did uphold Arizona's photo ID requirement. But as you know from reading this blog, the Obama Department of Social Justice has also been actively sabotaging state efforts to ensure that... Read More
I've blogged before about Colorado Springs Derangement Syndrome (see here and here). Liberal elites across the country have targeted my adopted hometown and its city government for daring to cut public services instead of imposing knee-jerk tax hikes to cope with economic strain. As city councilman Sean Paige points out, private philanthropy thrives in this... Read More
I'm already a member of the club. So is Sarah Palin. And so is Michele Bachmann. Now, Joy "If you disagree with me, you're a BITCH!" Behar is trashing GOP Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle as a "bitch" who is "going to hell" because of her staunch opposition to illegal immigration and the cult of... Read More
Here in my home state of Colorado, the Tom Tancredo Surge continues. Polls consistently show Tancredo's independent gubernatorial candidacy within 1-5 points of vulnerable Democrat opponent John Hickenlooper, the mayor of Denver. The latest poll from Democratic pollster PPP shows Tancredo within 3 points. Hickenlooper is still drawing under 50 percent. It's Hick at 47,... Read More
Know your enemies.
Democrats have long partnered with the illegal alien lobby at election time. Flashback 9/2010: Video: Boxer’s non-English-speaking day labor protesters Flashback 4/2009: Obama Census Plan: No Illegal Alien Left Behind Flashback 6/2006: California Democrat invites illegal alien help Flashback 4/2006: Illegal alien voter recruitment Flashback 10/2004: The illegal alien swing vote Flashback 7/2004: Where illegal... Read More
The bleeding-heart media continues to call murderous Omar Khadr a "child soldier," but I've pierced that myth before. Breaking this morning, Khadr has pleaded guilty to five charges related to the killing of U.S. soldier Christopher Speer. Via the Globe and Mail: Omar Khadr, the only Canadian, only child soldier and only Guantanamo Bay detainee... Read More
The AFL-CIO has just launched its "most sophisticated" get-out-the-vote drive ever -- a massive 10 million mailers will be sent out by the union between now and Election Day. This is in addition to some 18 million pieces that have already gone out under the labor organization's auspices. The Hill reports that the mailers include... Read More
Here we go again. Desperation plus the by-any-means-necessary credo plus a nationwide force of Alinsky avengers equals another recipe for voter fraud. In Colorado, it's Common Cause of Colorado, Mi Familia Vota Education Fund and the Service Employees International Union caught in an apparent scheme to foist some 6,000 shady voter registrations on the state:... Read More
We Coloradans already know that Democrat gubernatorial candidate and Denver mayor John Hickenlooper doesn't think much of folks outside his liberal metropolitan jurisdiction. Now, it's documented on video. My friend and fellow Colorado resident Michael Sandoval at National Review has the scoop on Hickenlooper's public contempt for "backwards" rural Colorado residents -- which he shared... Read More
Another concerted ploy to silence free speech blows up in the Left's faces. And now, they're whining about it. The Huffington Post et al. are incensed about the renewed push to defund NPR. Sen. Jim DeMint will introduce legislation to free the taxpayers -- and it's the subject of my syndicated column today. Reap what... Read More
Ready for a little early Halloween fright? Click here. Don't say I didn't warn you!
"...should have kept his feeling about Muslims between himself and ‘his psychiatrist or his publicist'"...
Scroll for updates... Oh, crikey. This didn't just happen, did it? Yes. It. Did. From the NPR website: Who is Vivian Schiller? Previous employers: NYTimes and CNN.
President Obama is all for demonizing large American corporations that avoid taxes through income shifting...except when those large American corporations are dumping money in his campaign coffers. Bloomberg is running a big story on Google's lucrative use of the very loopholes Team Obama wants to eliminate: Google Inc. cut its taxes by $3.1 billion in... Read More
Because they haven't poured enough of rank-and-file workers' hard-earned money down the drain, the SEIU Purple Army is burning through another $250,000 attacking Sharron Angle as...yeah, extreme and dangerous. Via The Hill: The more Big Labor squanders on political candidates and positions their members disagree with, the more pushback they will get on the
The usual suspects at work: CAIR, Think Progress, HuffPo...
Un-freaking-believable. Cable news blogger Johnny Dollar red-flagged NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik's Twitter feed, which announced tonight that liberal NPR analyst/Fox News contributor Juan Williams' contract was terminated -- over comments Williams made about Muslims on The O'Reilly Factor. He gave his honest opinion: "[W]hen I get on the plane, I got to tell you,... Read More
Yep, I turned the big 4-0 today. Thanks for all the great e-mail birthday messages and tweets! Moving out of D.C. after a decade of Beltway swamp life and settling in Colorado was one of the healthiest decisions I've made. Although most of you know me from TV, books, and the blogosphere, I have been... Read More
Over the past month, I've noted how short-sighted enviro-zealots helped create the conditions for the current rare earth metal crisis (see here and here). The NYTimes reports on the latest developments as China purportedly tightens the noose: China, which has been blocking shipments of crucial minerals to Japan for the last month, has now quietly... Read More
My column today is a rejoinder to Maureen Dowd's plaintive wail about Republican Mean Girls in the NY Times on Sunday. I'll take a GOP mama grizzly who wants government to leave you alone over a Democrat bully bureaucrat any day. As yesterday's failed attacks on Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, and Sharron Angle showed, the... Read More
Scroll for updates... Sarah Palin wisely warned Tea Party activists to keep working hard right up until Election Day -- and not to "party like it's 1773" yet. Intellectually superior leftists from Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas to PBS "moderator"/Obama cheerleader Gwen Ifill took to Twitter to snicker about Palin's historical illiteracy. But it's the... Read More
That's right. Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons can't name the five freedoms in the First Amendment. But all you'll hear from the MSM today is that Christine O'Donnell -- correctly -- questioned Coons' claim that the phrase "the separation of church and state" appears in the First Amendment. Coons' ignorance doesn't fit the O'Donnell... Read More
So Canada is "annoyed" with Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle because she pointed out that our northern neighbor's lax immigration policies endanger America? Touchy, touchy. The Canadian government doth protest too much: Angle didn't say "9/11 hijackers," unlike DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who falsely asserted that the 9/11 jihadis crossed the northern border to... Read More
Some of us still remember. Last November, I noted that the unborn child of Fort Hood soldier Francheska Velez was the 14th murder victim of jihadist Nidal Hasan. At Hasan's Article 32 trial yesterday, a witness testified about Velez's searing last words before succumbing to gunshot wounds during the attack: Should have been 14.
On Sept. 27, I endorsed GOP challenger Ruth McClung in the AZ-07 congressional race and urged you to show your support. You've watched and helped her candidacy gain rapid momentum over the last several weeks. She raised $100k in a single day thanks to last week's grass-roots money bomb. Full disclosure: I contributed $100 to... Read More
Let's get physical.
An anti-Joe Miller blogger shoves a man at a town hall event in Alaska. Democrat congressman Ed Perlmutter slaps GOP challenger Ryan Frazier during a debate. And Moonbat Maurice Hinchey gets all physical with a reporter. (h/t commenter stillontheroad) It's nothing compared to Democrat Rep. Bob The Throttler Etheridge, but the slap-happiness is getting a... Read More
Home Depot Joe Photoshop: American Elephants He brags often and loudly about being a son of Pennsylvania. But Joe Biden's Scranton yarns didn't protect him from a typical Philly welcome. A Washington Post sports writer notes that Phillies fans booed Biden during Sunday's baseball game. And a reader e-mailed me last night: My son (26,... Read More
Blink and you probably missed it. In yet another classic Friday news dump, Countrywide junk mortgage mogul and Democrat crony Angelo Mozilo copped a $67.5 million plea to avert a high-stakes public trial in the heat of the midterm election season. He and his henchmen admitted no wrongdoing: Just days before the start of his... Read More
Hometown heroes.
Screenshot: CBS Denver Last week, I pointed to the American story of excellence, strength, greatness, and generosity represented by Colorado driller Jeff Hart and his team in Chile. They came home to Colorado on Saturday to a hero's welcome: A humble Hart paid tribute to the miners: "We went out there to do our job.... Read More
(Photoshop via Doug Ross) How much of a tool is New York Times columnist David Brooks? This much: On the PBS NewsHour last night, Brooks admitted that President Obama told him a year ago that he knew that the "shovel-ready project" propaganda he employed to pass the massive porkulus bill was a steaming load of... Read More
I blasted the White House thug tactics against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce again in my column today -- and made the point that the Left's donor suppression effort is about much more than just the Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, some are getting carried away with lionizing the Chamber. My Fox News colleague Glenn Beck... Read More
Public Enemy Number One: GOP donors by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2010 The White House attack on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce isn't about "disclosure." It's about disarmament. While posing as campaign finance champions, the ultimate goal of the Democratic offensive is to intimidate conservative donors, chill political free speech and drain Republican coffers.... Read More
In style and substance, Lady in Red Sharron Angle trounced the four-term Democrat Senate incumbent and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at tonight's Las Vegas debate. He preposterously called George W. Bush "his friend" (after infamously branding him a "loser"), claimed credit for the surge in Iraq (after questioning General Petraeus's competence and character), and... Read More
Three cheers. There's a long road ahead, but the first obstacle has been overcome. Florida judge Roger Vinson ruled this afternoon that 20 lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Obamacare mandate can continue: You can find the order and analysis here. Constitutional law scholar Randy Barnett weighs in on the significance of the Florida ruling... Read More
Ask not what your prayer circle can do for you. Ask what your prayer circle can do for my husband. In an interview to rally black voters on the Tom Joyner Show, Michelle Obama chose some rather odd words to motivate black voters of faith. Transcript via Black America Web: "Keeping the spirits clean around... Read More
Last week, I launched the Chicken Dance Watch to keep track of endangered Democrats avoiding debates with their GOP challengers. Today, the award goes to Democrat Rep. Russ Carnahan of Missouris. Instead of leaving just an empty chair, he sent...a DVD. Bok, bok, bok, bok. Carnahan's g
My syndicated column today draws on Monday's blog post about the hypocritical new nativists of the Democrat Party playing the America First card against the GOP and Chamber of Commerce. Good companion reading: Think bigger - what's really behind the Dems' attacks on the Chamber of Commerce. Also: David Harsanyi - Barack Obama and the... Read More
I've shared many stories about being a minority conservative with you. We're reviled by the Left for our "betrayal" of our supposed tribes -- accused of being Uncle Toms, Aunt Tomasinas, House Niggas, puppets of the White Man, Oreos, Sambos, coconuts, bananas, sellouts, and whores. This is how the ethnic tribalist left rolls. But fiercely... Read More
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