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A Marine's Family Needs Your Help
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Marine Corporal Brian Downard, 24, died of testicular cancer on Monday. He leaves behind a seven-year-old son, Jesse.

The American Legion reports that Downard’s mother, Brenda, who will now raise Jesse, needs help raising money for funeral and living expenses.

From the Burn Pit:

Funeral expenses are $14,942.55, a sum that Brenda simply does not have. Additionally, she now has Jesse to look after.

This Corporal of Marines looked after his men on two deployments. While deployed, they were his brothers and sisters, as were all of us who served. And now, his son, and his mother need help. As Brian was our brother, so too does that make Jesse our nephew. We need to ensure that this fallen Marine’s final wish is granted, to be laid to rest where he wanted, that he might use that as his line of departure for his next deployment to the Elysian Fields where his grandparents and fallen warriors await. For it is there that the grass is truly greener than anywhere else.

The American Legion is setting up a fundraiser for Brian. Give a little, give a lot, but give something if you can.

Here is the link for Credit Card donations.

100 percent of all funds will be given to Brenda for the funeral, and any other espenses along the way.

If you care to donate by check, you can send those to us at:

Brian Downard Memorial Fund

PO Box 361625

Indianapolis, IN 46236

Thank you to all who give, and to Brian, salute.

Please do whatever you can do to support the families of the troops who serve us. God bless Corporal Downard and the Downard family.

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