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POTUS and TOTUS Meet the Press: "Progress Has Been Painfully Slow"
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Awaiting the start of a rare, “full-blown” Obama press conference — the first one since May.

Look for plenty of Boehner-bashing, Muslim appeasement, class warfare demagoguery, and announcement of subprime cheerleader Austan Goolsbee’s appointment to head the Council of Economic Advisers. (See p.211-212 of Culture of Corruption for Goolsbee background.)

Liberal journalist David Corn gripes: “WH decides before presser on list of of dozen or so reporters for O to call on. Why not make list public? Rest of us can then do other work.”

11:05am Eastern: First 30 seconds of Obama’s remarks packed with class warfare demagoguery. Repeats opposition to tax cuts for the wealthy, bashes corporations.

Re. economic recovery: “Progress has been painfully slow.”

You can say that again.

More bashing of “large corporations.”

Repeats lie that government infrastructure plan would put people back to work.

Remember: Only small percentage of unionized workers in construction would go back to work.

Talks about small businesses not hiring because of failure to pass small biz bill.

Won’t talk about businesses not hiring because of passage of Obamacare.

Reporter asks O about Americans’ negative view of his handling of the economy. Gets “I inherited it” talking points in response.

O complains about repeating mistakes of past. After just announcing appointment of subprime cheerleader Austin Goolsbee.

“I think Democrats are going to do fine in November.” The ones running as far from him as possible, that is…

11:27am Obama says his entire agenda is “to stimulate growth & jobs.” Unsaid: Growth…of government. Jobs…for cronies & Big Labor.

Obama gripes about delays, lack of progress in his Senate nominations. “I’m concerned about all Senate nominations these days.”

Wouldn’t be a problem if his nominees weren’t so crappy, shady, crooked, and interest-conflicted.

Obama touts his administration putting more kids on health care.

Silent on all the kids whose health care will be dropped as a result of his policies.

Most inane, wasted Beltway press corps question of the day from Chuck Todd: “How did you change Washington?”

(Flashback: MSM drool bucket award – “What has enchanted you the most about serving in office?“)

Obama on 9/11 anniversary: We need “clarity on who our enemies are.”

*He* is telling *us* that?!

Finally. Jake Tapper asks about Obamacare bending the cost curve up, not down. And mentions Democrats running away from health care.

Tapper also asked about danger of elevating Terry Jones/Koran-burning circus by intervening.

Obama repeats troops-are-endangered/Koran-burning is recruitment tool talking points. Silent on Koran as most powerful, lasting recruitment tool for jihad.

Obama dismisses cost-curve analysis. “I haven’t read” the whole report. Admits Democrats knew there would be upward pressure on costs.

Obama on education: “Schools need to reward excellence instead of mediocrity and the status quo.”

Voters need to do the same.

Obama asked about corruption in Afghanistan. Says he has talked to Hamid Karzai to ensure that the “tradition of corruption is reduced.”

Do as he says, not as he does.

12:12pm Obama asked about Gitmo, al Qaeda prosecutions. Blames “politics” for delays. Touts civilian trials, moving detainees onto U.S. soil.

Says it “remains a high priority” to kill bin Laden and Zawahiri.

Asked about Ground Zero mosque and Koran-burning stunt again. Repeats troops-are-endangered talking points again.

Greg Pollowitz tweets: “If burning a koran in fl puts our troops at risk, what will killing or capturing bin laden do?”

Obama touts Muslims in the U.S. military. Makes a blanket statement that “We cannot differentiate between them and us.” Tell Nidal Hasan, Jeffrey Leon Battle, Hasan Akbar, Hassan Abujihaad, etc., etc. etc.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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