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Boehner: Stop the Obama Job-Killing Machine; Update: Obama Administration Response - Hey, Let's Talk About Shirley Sherrod Again!
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House GOP Leader John Boehner is putting jobs and the Obama economic team on the front-burner today with a major speech at the City Club of Cleveland.

Give ’em both barrels.

Via WaPo:

Boehner, delivering what his aides billed as a major economic address, will say President Obama’s team lacks “real-world, hands-on experience” in creating jobs, according to a draft version of his speech that was released in advance. The Republican lawmaker plans to cite reports that some senior aides complained of “exhaustion,” including the recently departed budget chief Peter Orszag.

“President Obama should ask for – and accept – the resignations of the remaining members of his economic team, starting with Secretary Geithner and Larry Summers, the head of the National Economic Council,” Boehner says in the prepared remarks, which are scheduled for delivery at the City Club of Cleveland shortly after 8 a.m. The mass dismissal, he adds, “is no substitute for a referendum on the president’s job-killing agenda. That question will be put before the American people in due time. But we do not have the luxury of waiting months for the president to pick scapegoats for his failing ‘stimulus’ policies.”

Via Politico:

In Boehner’s remarks, Geithner and adviser Larry Summers are singled out as having promulgated “19 months of government-as-community organizer.”

“It hasn’t worked,” Boehner will say. “Our fresh start needs to begin now”

Democrats were clearly ready for Boehner’s speech Tuesday — so much so that White House and congressional officials held conference calls in advance of the remarks on Monday to blast Boehner and warn that he wanted to return to Bush-era economic policies.

Also likely to irk Democrats is Boehner’s call for the president to veto bills such as card-check legislation – which would make it easier for employees to unionize – and an energy bill, which Democrats believe would bring the country closer to eliminating harmful pollutants and roll back global warming.

“Democratic Leaders refuse to rule out the possibility of forcing these job-killing bills through in a lame-duck session, after the election, after the voters have had their say,” Boehner will say, according to embargoed text of his speech. “Their failure to level with the American people only compounds the ongoing economic uncertainty.”

At the Hot Air Green Room, Doctor Zero rips the White House to shreds over its “phantom priority” of economic growth. Read the whole thing.

Liberal ideology is much more important to Democrats than your job, or the financial future of your children. The Bush tax cuts will become implosion bombs when the Democrats allow them to expire. The owners of small businesses, which are the primary engine of job creation, will be caught in the blast radius. The Left is busy feeding its tattered old class-warfare sheet music into the media player piano, and stuffing themselves into hilarious “deficit hawk” costumes three sizes too small for them. Soon the air will be filled with shrill demands to “end tax cuts for the rich” who need to “pay their fair share.” Anyone who isn’t blinded by ideology can see the folly of sucking more money out of an anemic economy.

It’s time to end the White House war on jobs.

Remember in November.


Full Boehner speech text is here.


Update: There is no network or cable news live coverage of Boehner. Instead, we’ve got Shirley Sherrod looking glum and victimized with an equally dour Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack as they announce that she won’t be staying on at USDA.

No, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they timed this press conference to start at the same time as Boehner’s speech.

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