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John Ensign Plays the Victim Card for Cash
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Emetic of the day: Nevada Republican Sen. John Ensign clinging to his seat, begging donors to fatten up his anemic legal defense fund, and blaming liberals for all his self-inflicted problems.


Sen. John Ensign is asking supporters for donations to pay lawyers defending him in ongoing ethics investigations, insisting he is “absolutely” innocent of allegations stemming from an extramarital affair and efforts to help the woman’s husband find new work.

“As difficult as it is for me to ask you, I need your help to refute these charges and wage a successful legal defense,” the Nevada Republican wrote in a fundraising letter his office said was sent out late last week.

In seeking contributions of up to $10,000 to a defense fund, Ensign blamed a “liberal organization” for his legal woes after it filed an ethics complaint against him. The executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington disputed the description, saying the group was an equal opportunity watchdog.

CREW may lean left, but they have indeed been equal opportunity when it comes to holding Democrats as well as Republicans accountable for ethics/corruption scandals.

“Liberals” aren’t to blame for Ensign cheating on his wife with a campaign staffer and allegedly trying to pay off the staffer and her husband with hush money funneled through his parents.

Ensign is like one of the cartoon kids from “Family Circus,” pointing to the NOT ME gremlin for his actions instead of looking in the mirror and practicing the personal responsibility Republicans so often publicly preach.

As I’ve said before: Corruptocrats don’t deserve indulgence. They deserve a swift kick in the ass.

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