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Primary Night - Open Thread; CO: White House-Backed Bennett Projected Dem. Sen. Primary Winner; CT: GOP Sen. Winner McMahon; Dem Sen. Winner Blumenthal; CO GOP Sen. Winner Buck Defeats Norton
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Hi y’all. I’m still in NYC on the Culture of Corruption paperback tour. Thanks for all your support and for spreading the word. Will be glad to get back home to beautiful Colorado in a few days for some end-of-the-summer fishing with the family. Speaking of my home state, it’s one of four states holding primary elections today. Did you vote? Feel free to weigh in.

The Senate and gubernatorial races in CO have been a doozy. I support Ken Buck in the Senate race over GOP establishment-backed Jane Norton. But either one is preferable to the Left and Lefter candidates on the other side of the aisle, insider-turned-outsider Andrew Romanoff and Democrat establishment crony Michael Bennett. Tom Tancredo threw a wrench into the gubernatorial race with a third-party ultimatum to the two flawed GOP candidates, ethics-challenged Scott McInnis and cipher Dan Maes. Turnout is reportedly record high. It’s anything goes. More tea leaf-reading after results come in later tonight.

Denver Post: Five story lines to watch.

Complete coverage at Complete Colorado.

Connecticut, Georgia, and Minnesota also go to the polls:

* In Connecticut, can former World Wrestling exec Linda McMahon smack down two challengers in the GOP Senate primary: Peter Schiff, a wealthy financier, and Rob Simmons, a seasoned pol backed by many of the state’s editorial boards?

* In Colorado, will President Obama’s candidate, Sen. Michael Bennet, become the seventh incumbent member of Congress ousted in a primary? And can “Tea Party” favorite Ken Buck knock off former lieutenant governor Jane Norton for the GOP Senate nomination?

* In Georgia, will Sarah Palin’s candidate, Karen Handel, win the GOP gubernatorial nomination in a runoff with former Rep. Nathan Deal?

In the other state that’s voting today, Minnesota, two millionaires, former senator Mark Dayton and former state representative Matt Entenza, are battling state House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.


9:53pm Eastern update…Colorado Democrat Senate primary looks like it’s going White House/Bennet’s way. Denver Post officially projects Bennett winner.

Buck still leading establishment-favored Jane Norton. In Georgia, Nathan Deal has slim lead over Handel in governor’s race.

In CT: Linda McMahon nabs GOP Senate primary win; truth-challenged AG Dick Blumenthal takes Democrat Senate nomination.

11:19pm Eastern update…As McInnis trails Maes in CO GOP gubernatorial race, here’s the story on a bid by state Republicans to woo ReMax Founder Dave Liniger to jump in.

It’s official: Norton concedes to Buck, via CBS4Denver: “I fully endorse Ken Buck, and I encourage you to do the same.”

Sign of the times: Establishment’s “more electable” candidate bows to grass-roots favorite.

Buck victory lines: “In November, we will not be ignored…We must put principle over party.”

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