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Tolerance: Libs Target GOP Homeowners in Pacific Northwest
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Ah, it looks like the tolerant lefties in my old stomping grounds in the Pacific Northwest are at it again. There’s an anonymous campaign to target GOP homeowners who display campaign signs in their yards with signs that read “RepublicansAreADisease.”

Peace, love, rainbows, unicorns…and property destruction. Via the Seattle Times (hat tip: reader Jack A.):

A couple in Shoreline have been targeted in a campaign that involves destroying signs supporting Republican candidates, and replacing them with signs for

The website, which is an anonymous wordpress blog, encourages it’s readers to print out signs reading, “Republicans Are A Disease” and “Republicans America’s Worst Enemy” and place them on their own and public property, and to “tell their neighbors how they feel about the criminals in the GOP.”

The couple that was targeted has replaced its signs, but the “wife is scared to death.”

The founder, who denies any malicious intentions, brags about having a sign in his/her van that reads: “Hang Rove.”

I live in Seattle. I had a sign in the back of my car that read “Republicans America’s Worst Enemy”. Just to let you know I got 20 smiles and thumbs up for every shaking head, and finger! I want to let everyone know exactly how I feel about today’s Republicon Party when I drive around. I now have a “Republicans Are A Disease” sign in my back window. When I get a little too upset, I print up some of these signs, take my ladder, and staple them up high on telephone poles in my neighborhood. If there are any Republicons around, I want my signs in their face. I am mad, and I won’t take their attacks sitting down any more. I am tired of being called names by the likes of Rush Limpbat, and his sickening right wing, ignorant ditto head friends. I love my country, and I am not afraid to let my neighbors know I think the Republican Party is America’s greatest enemy, and must be driven from power. Help me, and your country. Download these signs. Print them, and put them everywhere you can. Carry the message. NOW!!!! When the GOP stops acting like the MAFIA, I will take this website down. Until then, forget it. They are my, and my country’s biggest threat. America’s Worst Enemy!!! Every single Republican should be treated like America’s worst enemy by everyone that truly loves our country too. Just calling yourself a Republican these days means you approve of how they operate. You would have to be one sick, greedy puppy to call yourself a Republican these days. Maybe they could make their own country, and call it Torture Land. They can waterboard each other for fun.

President Obama can reach out to Republicons all he wants, while they are stabbing him in the back every chance they get. I will be poking them in the eye non stop, until they change their ways. I won’t hold my breath…

Keep checking back. I have more signs I will be uploading, and will be getting signs from others to put up as well.

Update: I changed the sign in my car’s back window. Now I have a “Republicans Are A Disease” sign. I also have a “Republicans Are A Disease” sign on the back of my van, along with a “Hang Rove” sign.

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