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I Repeat: John Ensign Needs to Go Away
Drain the swamp.
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Regular readers know that I’ve said many, many, many, many, many, many times that the GOP can’t demand that Speaker Mop & Glo Pelosi clean the Democrat house until Republicans clean up their own.

It needs to be said again.

In July 2009, I wrote:

Once again, Ensign shows his lack of forthrightness with his constituents and party. Why did he wait to disclose the payments? Is he going to leave Sen. Coburn twisting in the wind? Now, Ensign faces a possible ethics probe.

What more will seep out?

Who else will be dragged down in the process?

How long will he subject the GOP to humiliation?

Republicans can’t combat their political foes’ culture of corruption unless and until they clean up their own.

In May 2010, I asked: “While we’re talking about the GOP Crapweasel Club, someone please tell me why John Ensign is still in office — and why no in the GOP leadership will force his corrupt backside out of office?”

Last Thursday night, the Senate approved a resolution allowing Ensign staffers to testify before a federal grand jury investigating Ensign’s alleged criminal conduct, via The Hill:

Ensign is accused of violating federal rules in finding lobbying work for Doug Hampton, the husband of the former campaign staffer with whom he was having an affair.

Without special permission, staffers are prohibited by Senate rules from testifying outside of Congress.

Ensign colleague and former campaign adviser Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said July 24 that he had provided emails for the Justice Department’s probe.

There’s a separate Senate ethics committee probe underway.

How much more public embarrassment does the GOP want to invite on this matter? How much more moral equivalence ammo do Republicans want to provide Dingy Harry Reid and Swamp Lady Nancy Pelosi? Ensign violated the public trust, not just his family’s; he enlisted his parents to pay off his mistress/former campaign staffer and her husband/former intimate family friend/Senate employee to the tune of $96,000, payments the Las Vegas Review Journal editorial board described as “consistent with hush money;” and he has made himself poison in the Senate.

Ensign abandoned any moral claim to senatorial courtesy a long time ago.

Corruptocrats don’t deserve indulgence. They deserve a swift kick in the ass.

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