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Hmmm: What's Washington Planning at Our Southern Border?
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Sharing a couple of interesting e-mails from my mailbag over the past week…

From reader D…

Hello Michelle-

I am a federal employee…who often does field work near the border.

Last week we were told to not travel to field sites within 5 mi of the border between Buenos Aires Nat Wildlife Refuge and Douglas, i.e basically all of the SE Arizona border. This decision was apparently based on communications with the Border Patrol and is supposed to be a temporary situation.

I have no other information and don’t know if any other agencies are issuing similar warnings. But, this leads me to believe that some US operation is planned or the Border Patrol is anticipating something from across the border.

I thought this odd enough to forward it because you may receive related info and so that you be tuned into news from the area.

And from an AZ insider…

There is a huge gearing-up of ICE/BP regarding what may be a major drug enforcement Ops in southern AZ. Agents brought in from all over the US for a 2-3 month TDY. Unusual that all directives are coming from Napolitano’s D.C. henchmen. With Napolitano’s long history of adoration towards Mexican government officials, there is concern that this could lead to some type of giant ambush caused by our very own double agent (the Director of Homeland Insecurity). Something very peculiar is happening and I am concerned that AZ is going to be punished in a big way…

…some of the more seasoned agents are concerned about this Washington-driven investigation…Some think that this is going to be for show. Others are really concerned for their own health and safety.

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