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Primary Night Open Thread; Update: Specter Out, Sestak, Toomey In; Democrat Crony Keeps Murtha's Seat; Blanche Lincoln in Runoff
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Did you vote in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Oregon, or Arkansas? Let us know who you cast your ballots for and why.

GOP newcomer Rand Paul, son of Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul, claimed victory in the KY GOP Senate primary.

In Pennsylvania, results are not in yet on the Specter-Sestak race or the PA-12 special election to fill the corruptocrat Dem. John Murtha’s seat.

Grim Specter is already rehearsing his Blame the Evil Tea Party narrative.

I’d like to be the first to wish him a preemptive DLTDHYOTWO..


Update 9:30pm Eastern. Pat Toomey clinches Pa. Senate GOP nomination. Go Pat go!

10:20 Eastern. It’s official. Snarlin’ Arlen has been put out to pasture. Na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye, Sen. Specter. You will not be missed.

Prediction: Loser Specter will establish a new non-profit to attack the Tea Party movement and restore “civility” and moooooderation to politics.


And now, let’s keep the heat on Eric the Silent Holder and the Team Obama whitewashers over the Sestak job bribery allegations. Turn it up.


10:30pm Eastern. Republican Tim Burns has lost out to Democrat crony Mark Critz in the race to fill the seat occupied forever by John Murtha.

Entrenched incumbency pays posthumous electoral dividends, alas. Keep fighting.


Arkansas Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln failed to muster 50 percent of the vote in her re-election bid tonight and will face a Democrat challenger in a run-off later this summer.

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