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Austin, Texas Joins the Arizona-Bashing Bandwagon
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Reader M. e-mails:

I live in Austin, Texas and the city council just voted to boycott the state of Arizona, just like what L.A. recently did. I am outraged and appalled that a city council in Texas, a border state, would take such a shortsighted and ridiculous step.

I grew up on the border near Brownsville, Texas, and experienced first hand the immense problems caused by the burden of educating, providing free medical care, etc. for illegal immigrants. The entire state is burdened by the overwhelming costs, not to mention other issues such as increased crime. The council of the city of Austin is an embarrassment.

Another reader e-mails:

Austin City Council unanimously approved a resolution that calls for ending all business-related travel to Arizona by city employees, unless it is related to police investigations, providing humanitarian aid or protecting Austinites’ health and safety. It also asks the city manager to review all city business with and investments in the state of Arizona and devise a plan to end those ties.

I wonder if pro-life officials in other cities and counties across the country might be interested to know that Travis County is the only county in Texas that u ses tax dollars on elective abortions.

And that four of the nine “Central Health” members who unanimously approved that use of taxpayer funds were appointed by the Austin City Council.


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