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Nashville: How to Help
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Photo credit: Keith Gallagher/president raygun/Flickr

The floods in Tennessee have devastated Nashville. Damages are estimated at $1 billion.

How to donate/pitch in…

Calling All Restaurateurs: Red Cross Could Use Your Help

Salvation Army – Nashville

Hands On Nashville

Nashville Flood relief t-shirts

Soles 4 Souls – Shoe charity comes to Nashville’s aid

Nashville Humane Society

Nashville Flood Benefit Show, May 7.

And more benefit concert info from the Nashville Examiner:

On Saturday, May 8, The End will host a benefit concert featuring Spanish Candles, Powerbrrrd, Bad Cop, and Diarrhea Planet. The End is located at 2219 Elliston Place.

On Sunday, May 9, Rocketown will hold a 10 act benefit concert featuring Heavy Cream, Pujol, Ben Steine’s Money, So Jazzy, Diarrhea Planet, Goodbye Apathy, Alcina, and Stephen Keech. The show is free but attendees are encouraged to donate money to the flood relief in lieu of ticket prices. Rocketown is located at 522 5th Avenue South.

While not technically a benefit concert, the Nashville Symphony has announced that the Christopher Cross concert scheduled for last week and cancelled because of the flood will be re-held as a free concert at the Metro Courthouse on Friday, May 7 at 8:00 PM. “People have lost homes, and some have lost their lives in the recent flooding,” said Alan D. Valentine, President and CEO of the Nashville Symphony. “Music is what we do, and we wanted to present this concert, against all the odds and challenges, as a way to help people begin the healing process, as a way to help get our community on the road to recovery.”

If you can’t attend these concerts but still wish to help, the American Red Cross is accepting donations for the Nashville flood relief. Text REDCROSS to 9099 to donate $10.

If you have more suggestions, send them in.


Update: Tons of private charity resources at Nashvillest

Colorado volunteers head to Tennessee.

The Jewish Federation of Nashville is providing aid and relief.


Ed Morrissey at Hot Air: The disaster America ignored


From reader Chris M:


As a resident of Middle Tennessee, I have seen the devastation up close and personal. The clean-up has just begun and will last for many months.

I also wanted to point out another way to help. The Local NBC affiliate is having a telethon TONIGHT featuring Vince Gill. My employer, Deloitte, will be offering up its call center and volunteers to man the phones and take pledges to assist those in need here in Nashville. For those interested, the telethon will be streaming live on the Internet.





WSMV-TV Channel 4 will broadcast Working 4 You: Flood Relief with Vince Gill & Friends on Thursday, May 6, in prime time from 7 to 10 p.m. The telethon will also be streamed live on


Nashville and the surrounding middle Tennessee communities have been devastated by floodwaters after the area received 15 inches of rain within a 48-hour time period. Thousands of middle Tennesseans have been evacuated from their homes with many losing everything to the flood. Many of the victims do not have flood insurance, and the demands on relief agencies are stretched to the limit.

“These are our friends and family; we always take care of our friends and family,” said Meredith Senior Vice President and WSMV-TV General Manager Elden Hale Jr. “It’s unfortunate that we’re called upon to do this again for our neighbors, but we are very proud to have the ability to reach out to so many people with Nashville’s flood relief telethon.”

All proceeds from Working 4 You: Flood Relief with Vince Gill & Friends will benefit The Salvation Army, The Red Cross and The Second Harvest Food Bank.

Others involved include Naomi Judd, Phil Vassar and Bo Bice.

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