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Target: Times Square
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On Saturday night, someone tried to bomb Times Square. For the full recap, review Allahpundit’s blow-by-blow as the news developed.

NYPost video of the suspect shows a “balding, 40-something man” at the “end of Shubert Alley peeling off a sweatshirt he’d been wearing over a short-sleeved red shirt, furtively glancing over his shoulder, then stuffing the sweatshirt into a bag.”

From the latest NYT report:

Raymond W. Kelly, the New York City police commissioner, said on Sunday that the materials found in the Nissan Pathfinder — gasoline, propane, firecrackers and simple alarm clocks — also included eight bags of a granular substance, later determined to be nonexplosive grade of fertilizer, inside a 55-inch-tall metal gun locker.

The bomb, Mr. Kelly said, “would have caused casualties, a significant fireball.”

Had it exploded, said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, “It would have been, in all likelihood, a good possibility of people being killed, windows shattered, but not resulting in a building collapse.”

While the authorities said they were treating the failed bombing — described as a “one-off” by Janet Napolitano, the homeland security secretary — as a potential terrorist attack, they said there was no evidence of a continued threat to the city.

“No evidence of a continued threat to the city?”

NYC is a perpetual target of terrorism. The threat never ends.

The Taliban in Pakistan claimed credit and promises U.S. attacks in videos featuring a Taliban chief once thought dead:

The Pakistani Taliban promise future attacks on major U.S. cities and appear to claim responsibility for an attempted car bombing in New York in three separate videos that surfaced after the weekend scare, monitoring groups said Monday.

U.S. authorities have played down the potential connection between the Pakistani militant network and the car bomb attempt in New York’s Times Square, saying the group does not have the global infrastructure to carry out such a strike. However, the Pakistani Taliban is allied with militant networks such as al-Qaida, which could aid in expanding its reach.

Two of the videos feature Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud, providing the strongest evidence to date that he survived a U.S. missile strike in January.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly refutes the Taliban claim, but won’t rule out the possibility that the terror attempt is related to the Mo cartoon avengers enraged over South Park.

Will Janet Clownitano stop calling others “amateurish?” Crikey:

Janet Napolitano, the US Secretary of Homeland Security, said today that the unexploded car bomb found in Times Square in New York late yesterday appeared to be an “amateurish” terrorism attempt.

…Authorities said that the bomb, made of three propane tanks, consumer-grade fireworks, two filled 5-gallon (19-litre) petrol containers, two clocks and electrical wire, could have killed many people.

“This wasn’t make-believe. This wasn’t a false alarm. This was the real deal — to hurt people,” said Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano, adding that the force of a bomb could have taken down the front of a building.

Times Square has been targeted before.

Flashback: March 2008 – Anarchists heart the Times Square biker bomber


Flashback: March 2008 – Explosion at Times Square recruiting station; Update: Bloomberg blasts the blast; Update: Security video released; Update: House Dems received letters, photo of recruitment center; Fox reports maybe more than 8 received letters; AP says manifesto was anti-Iraq war screed, “Happy New Year, We did it;” Newsday: At least 10 got the package

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