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Hey, Wanna Climb a Mountain with Me for a Good Cause?
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As you all know, I am a proud resident of beautiful Colorado Springs. One of our loveliest and most famous landmarks is, of course, Pike’s Peak. There’s a historic cog railway that takes you to the top, above the tree line, into thin air above an altitude of 14,000 ft. The views inspired a schoolteacher to pen the words to “America, the Beautiful” in 1893. It is literally breath-taking.

As longtime readers also know, this blog has supported the Special Operations Warrior Foundation over the years. This spring, my Fox colleague Glenn Beck is raising money for SOWF through a celebrity charity auction that will run through August. Many of the items are unique experiences — things you can’t buy off a shelf. Like a stint as Beck’s assistant producer for a day, a hunting trip to Ted Nugent’s ranch in Texas, lunch with Wayne Newton, or backstage passes with O’Reilly.

One of those items is a railway trip with me up to Pike’s Peak (no, we’re not gonna hike), lunch, a great lesson in Colorado history, and the world-famous, high-altitude donuts awaiting us at the top.

This isn’t something I’d normally do. But SOWF is a terrific charity and I know you’ll join me in coming to the aid and support of our men and women in uniform.

More info and how to bid here.

The current bid is $1,600.

By comparison, O’Reilly is at $2,200; Newton is at $2,500; and Nugent is at $7,500.

Now, who would you rather spend time with? Let’s get a bidding war started. It’s for a good cause and a one-of-a-kind Rocky Mountain High.


Update: Bid is up to $2,400 now. Thanks to all the bidders. Keep going. Ted Nugent, here we come!

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