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Andy Stern Goes Global; Update: Aw. Danny Glover Gets Handcuffed, Andy Misses Out
Handcuff me, please!
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SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern may be resigning from the Purple Army, but he’s as committed as ever to expanding Big Labor’s reach.

His swan song today is a rowdy protest at the Gaithersburg MD office of French food services conglomerate Sodexo. He’s got a screed up at the Huffington Post (in which he relishes the possibility of getting arrested) and a video on the SEIU bus pushing his “global campaign.”

From his HuffPost huff:

I may be leaving the stage – maybe even in handcuffs today – but this issue isn’t going away. I spent my whole life trying to change people’s life at work. That work will continue, both by me and a new generation of leaders and on a national and global scale. And one thing I know is that today, the Sodexo workers’ fight for dignity on the job and wages that can help support a family is at the core of what justice is all about. You should stand with them too.

He Tweets: “The future of labor is global. Sodexo campaign ground zero.”

SEIU is excitedly tweeting about the police presence at the Gaithersburg Sodexo office.

More than 20 union protesters were arrested yesterday at Ohio State citing the “poverty wages” that Sodexo pays “and that most employees are part-time and don’t receive health-care coverage.”

Bloomberg reported back in January:

Sodexo, which employs 380,000 people worldwide including 110,000 in the U.S., is “engaging in behavior around the world that would not be acceptable in their home country,” said Mitch Ackerman, an SEIU executive vice-president who heads the Washington-based union’s property services division.

With more than 5 million Americans now employed by foreign- owned companies, U.S. labor unions are exporting their grievances, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports today on its Web Site. Companies are coming under attack in their home countries from American unions in industries from food services to telecommunications. The U.S. labor leaders are teaming up with overseas counterparts to criticize the companies’ practices.

…Sodexo provides paid sick leave for fulltime employees, who account for 75 percent of its U.S. work force, according to the company. It said 60 percent of fulltime U.S. employees have enrolled in Sodexo’s health insurance plan, under which two- thirds of premiums are company-paid. In a 2008 survey conducted for Sodexo, “86 percent of our American employees said our company compared favorably with our competitors,” the company said.

…SEIU is one of at least three U.S. unions targeting foreign employers. The Washington-based Communications Workers of America, which is trying to organize U.S. employees of cellular provider T-Mobile, formed a partnership last November with German union Ver.di to exert pressure on T-Mobile’s German owner, Deutsche Telekom AG.

Ver.di, which represents about 70 percent of Deutsche Telekom’s European work force and has two seats on the company’s supervisory board, has promised to press European management to negotiate with the CWA.

In Britain, retail chain Tesco Plc has been targeted by the Washington-based United Food and Commercial Workers, which is attempting to organize employees of Tesco-owned Fresh & Easy markets in the Western U.S.

For a stark illustration of how Stern’s “persuasion of power” methods worked against Wackenhut Corporation, see here.


Update: Stern misses out on the handcuffs, but loony Danny Glover got himself arrested.

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