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How to Spot and Tag a Tea Party Infiltrator
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Happy Tax Day Tea Party. Be safe out there. A few tips on how to spot and tag a Tea Party infiltrator:

1. Ask them what the 10th amendment says.

2. Two letters: B.O. (and I’m not talking about the president’s initials).

3. Glaringly obvious lack of subtlety.

4. Upside-down flags.

5. From reader Amy, a free “Infiltrator” sign (click here to download large size):

6. And from Temple of Mut, another downloadable sign:


From reader Peter in Boston who attended yesterday’s rally:

What lame counter-protestors!

Group of Emerson College kids with a sign “Tina Fey Did It Better.” I said, “Who’s Tina Fey?” These dumb kids actually tried to explain to me: “She’s a famous comedian on SNL.” I said, “SNL is still on the air? I thought they died after Belushi!” “Oh no,” they assured me, “This is their 35th season!” Then I couldn’t resist! I asked, “What night is it on?” They actually answered me seriously, “Oh it’s on Saturday nights …” Then they realized I was mocking them and they got really pissed off.

And from Grand Rants, a look at those “racist rednecks” in Beantown.


Turning the tables on the Tea Party smear merchants:

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