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Michelle Obama Heads to Mexico
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The First Lady is headed to Mexico City to meet with her counterpart there and discuss “youth engagement.”

WaPo’s fashion writer Robin Givhan performs her usual East Wing press release service disguised as journalism:

In embarking on her first solo trip, Obama is following an agenda that her staff will describe only in the broadest of terms: It is meant to underscore “the president’s commitment to advancing mutual interests, mutual respect and mutual responsibility between nations and peoples around the world.”

But in the days before her departure, the East Wing got more specific and more ambitious, declaring the trip “the kickoff of the first lady’s international agenda,” with a focus on “youth engagement.” Most of the world’s population is under the age of 25, said an administration official, and “as a society we have a responsibility to support and nurture them.”

Obama will be in Mexico City for a total of about 40 hours and is not expected to travel outside the capital. She will speak to young people — from primary-school students to recent college graduates — encouraging them to become active in their communities and take responsibility for their own future.

The Obama White House, over the course of a year and a half, has been particularly attentive to Mexico, and the first lady’s trip underscores the breadth and depth of this country’s relationship with its southern neighbor. According to the White House, 1 million people cross the U.S.-Mexico border every day and $1 billion in trade passes through that border every 24 hours.

When President Obama traveled to Mexico in April 2009, he noted: “There is a reason why the first visit that I had with a foreign leader after my election was with President [Felipe] Calderón. It was a reminder, as John F. Kennedy said, that the bonds between our two countries cannot be broken.”

In February of this year, Mexican first lady Margarita Zavala visited Michelle Obama in the White House, where the two reportedly discussed obesity — Obama’s signature issue and a problem that also plagues Mexico — as well as diabetes, addictions and undocumented minors in the United States.

Mrs. Obama is on record supporting the principles of illegal alien shamnesty.

This will be her first trip south of the border.

Too bad she has no interest in showing “engagement” with American families plagued by far bigger problems than obesity — like the Arizona ranchers and their families, widows, and children besieged by uncontrolled border violence.

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