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The Anti-Stupak Express -- and the Backlash Against Beltway Incumbency
Betrayals have consequences.
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If Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak, who sold his Obamacare vote and his pro-life principles for a cheap piece of paper, thinks voters in Michigan are willing to forgive and forget, he’s sadly mistaken.

The Tea Party Express is rolling through the state — and organizers expect record numbers:

As the Tea Party Express motorcade approaches the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, local coordinators are predicting crowds of historic proportions – motivated by the betrayal of Congressman Bart Stupak.

“People are angry, they feel that Congressman Stupak betrayed them and they are determined to hold him accountable,” said Mark Williams, Chairman of the Tea Party Express.

The cities where the Tea Party Express rallies in Congressman Stupak’s district will be held are sparsely populated.

Consider the populations listed for each of these cities:

*Ironwood, MI: 6,293

*Escanaba, MI: 13,140

*Sault Sainte Marie, MI: 16,542

*Cheboygan, MI: 5,295

*Petoskey, MI: 6,080

“You are going to see a sizable percentage of the entire population of these cities turning out for these Tea Party Express rallies. That fact alone speaks to how angry people are at Congressman Stupak,” said Mark Williams of the Tea Party Express.

“One of the driving forces for the tea party movement’s momentum is a sense that the politicians in Washington, D.C. aren’t listening to the people they represent. Bart Stupak epitomizes that failing. He has become the poster child of the failed establishment politicians that so many Americans are determined to vote out of office this November,” Williams said.

The TPE will arrive in Michigan on Friday and hit 9 cities through Sunday. Details here. They’ve also hit the airwaves with $50,000 in TV and radio ads reminding constituents of Stupak’s betrayal.

Amid a swirl of rumors about his resignation, Stupak told the Detroit Free Press he’s not ready to quit yet.

Just your friendly public service reminder:


Related: Well, lookee who’s going to cover the anti-Stupak protests and wants conservatives to know about it: The born-again objective journalists at CNN. Funny how bottom-of-the-barrel ratings can change your perspective, eh?


Via Allahpundit, feel the anti-incumbent heat per the latest Gallup poll:

PRINCETON, NJ — A record-low percentage of U.S. voters — 28% — say most members of Congress deserve to be re-elected. The previous low was 29% in October 1992.

“Notably, independents — who could be swing voters in many districts — are the least supportive of the three party groups when it comes to re-electing their own member.”

The trend for previous midterm elections reveals that the 28% re-elect figure puts the sitting majority party in a danger zone. In the two recent midterm elections in which the congressional balance of power changed (1994 and 2006), the percentage of voters saying most members deserved to be re-elected fell below 40%, as it does today. By contrast, in 1998 and 2002, when the existing Republican majority was maintained, 55% or better held this view.

Additionally, 65% of registered voters — the highest in Gallup history, and by far the highest in any recent midterm year — now say most members of Congress do not deserve re-election.

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