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Another Census Worker Speaks
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Looks like this will become a regular series. Yesterday, I published an e-mail from a Census worker outlining the waste and inefficiency at his government job. Another Census employee in Texas writes in to confirm those details and shares his own experience:

I wanted to confirm the email regarding the census. I also participated in the address canvassing last summer. I am a retired engineer and thought this would be good for some coffee money and exercise. We were trained for a week with full pay. Then our team started the job. I am in Texas and our city was estimated to take six weeks. After one week we were past the halfway point and then the problems began. First we were told to slow down. Next we began having a one hour “progress” meeting each day. We were told to take at least five minutes per house. I could have drawn the map by hand faster. The last tactic was to start layoffs.

I volunteered to be laid off. Some of the people working had been without work for some time and really needed the money.

I can only guess that some high level manager was not willing to finish sooner and compromise his high paying job.

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