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Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda
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He beat the MSM and Johnny-come-latelys on red-flagging Barack Obama’s radicalism — from his alliances with Jeremiah Wright to Bill Ayers to Khalid Rashidi and more. Now, Sean Hannity is out with a new paperback that provides a detailed road map to rolling back and repealing Obama’s radical agenda. I’ve just started reading the book. Get your copy of “Conservative Victory” here. Book tour dates/events are here.

Sean will be coming out to the Rocky Mountain West this week — and I’m happy to be joining him in Salt Lake City tomorrow, Wednesday night, at a Borders event. More details here.


From Erick Erickson at RedState:

There is a whole chapter entitled “How The Republicans Lost Their Way.” In it, Sean does blame a lot of it on the failures of the Bushies and GOP to defend themselves against left-wing attacks. Amen. I can’t tell you how many of us got tired of carrying water for the GOP when it refused to do so itself.

But Sean goes beyond that. “The Republican Party needs to recognize these failures in order to correct them. We can cry unfairness all we want, but no matter what Democratic politicians do, Republicans cannot excuse themselves by pointing the finger at their rivals. The conservative movement needs to get its own house in order — both by cleansing the GOP of politicians who are mired in personal and professional scandals, and by stepping up and restating its case to the American people.”

I couldn’t have said it any better. “A the behest of President George W. Bush, the Republican Party also lost its way with the sweeping education reform bill Bush proudly called ‘No Child Left Behind.’ The bill was President Bush’s baby, but in spirit and in reality it was contrary to a fundamental conservative belief — that top down federal control is to be avoided and that throwing money at problems does not solve them.” And this came after an indictment of the prescription drug benefit.


It’s not all diagnosis of problems. Sean delves into why it is so important that conservatives win — from beating spendthrifts within the GOP to the very real struggles with socialism and the appeasement mentality of the left. In fact, the first part of the book is a great summation of the very radical transformative agenda Obama and the left want to foist on the people against their will.

The last part of the book is a clear rejection of third parties and a call for conservatives to not just get involved, but to clean up their own house and take back the country.

It’s a quick read with some good ideas for what conservatives should do.

I appreciate the review copy and I really appreciate Sean Hannity being willing to write frankly about the problems in the GOP. He’s right about wayward conservatives and a GOP that lost its way.


That’s why again and again I pound the table encouraging you guys to support people like Danny Tarkanian, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Marlin Stutzman, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Chuck DeVore, Karen Handel, and Nikki Haley. Not only can they win, but they are fundamentally conservatives before they are Republicans.


E-mail or leave in comments your number one conservative victory agenda item.

A few on my list…

Fight the open-borders mob.

Fight the global warming cap-and-tax cult.

Stop McCain Regression Syndrome.

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