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Code Pink Mob Shuts Down Rove Book Event
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They’re baaaaaack in full force. The speech-stifling, original angry mob of Code Pinkos shouted down Karl Rove during a book tour event in Beverly Hills tonight — forcing him to cut his remarks short and leave before attendees could get their books signed. Code Pink co-founder/terror-coddler/Obama funder Jodie Evans pulled her old “citizens’ arrest” prank and stormed right up to Rove with handcuffs. She and other members tried to incite the crowd with shouts of “war criminal.”

Click on the image for full video from CBS 2:

The Code Pink mobsters have been waging these in-your-face attacks for years without so much as a peep of outrage from the selective NYTimes/MSNBC/Democrat civility police. See, for example:

October 2008…

April 2008:

Soaking up the intolerance of their elders, UCSB students last month chased and hounded Rove out of campus after a speaking event:

Given how regularly conservative authors are tomato-ed, salad dressing-ed, pied and physically intimidated at speaking events, what’s shocking is not the Code Pinkos’ behavior or the silence of the liberal civility police, but the utter lack of preparation and security by the organizers of the Rove event as demonstrated in the CBS 2 video. As Dave Bryan reported:

KCAL 9’s Dave Bryan was there and said Rove “was shouted down and forced to leave the stage.”

Another woman screamed at Rove, “The only comfort I take is that…you’re going to rot in hell.”

Rove, meanwhile, charged that the people shouting him down were an example of the “totalitarianism of the left…they don’t believe in dialog…they don’t believe in courtesy. They don’t believe in first Amendment rights for anyone but themselves.”

There were several heated exchanges between Rove and his critics before he decided he had enough and he left the stage.

He called one detractor a “lunatic.” He told several others repeatedly to “get the heck out of here.”

Bryan reported that security was apparently lacking and Rove was “left to fend for himself.”

What the hell? Rove is not being served well.


I remember when good folks stood up and refused to let the Pinkos run over them:

Flashback – January 2006 – Code Pink beats a hasty retreat.


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