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Wreckonciliation Tweet of the Day; Update: Bobby Gibbs Squirms; Capitol Switchboard Meltdown
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From @johnthune2012, a perfect summation of the last year in the Age of Obama/Pelosi/Reid:


As noted below in comments by Dan, our Texas blogger friend Kathleen McKinley said it first last week: “We’ve Moved From Passing Bills Without Reading Them to Passing Bills Without Voting On Them.”


Related: Via Allahpundit, Bobby Gibbs discovers it’s not just the right-wing Tea Party mob raising objections to the Slaughter House:


Rush urges listeners to make their voices heard.

Capitol Hill switchboard melts down.

Left-wing cries of fascism in 3, 2, 1…


Once again: Who has seen the bill, neither you nor I…

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