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Campus Chaos: Social Justice Mobsters Attack Police, Smash Windows Over Tuition Hikes; Update: "Who's (Sic) Schools?"
Grievance zoo.
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When last we heard from entitlement-mongering college students protesting budget cuts at public universities, they were taking torches to the chancellor’s home at UC Berkeley.


As I’ve noted before, it’s not right-wing Republicans assaulting police officers, abusing government authority to try and drive out the Marines, waging nationwide war on recruiters, and terrorizing researchers in the name of animal rights. It’s left-wing nutballs who always get a pass from the NYTimes columnists and MSNBC loudmouths who’ve been blaming every violent outburst on the planet on the Tea Party movement.

Today, the social justice mobsters on campuses across the country held a nationwide tantrum over tuition hikes. This is how the Left teaches civil discourse to its intellectual progeny: “Gimme!” “Revolucion!” “Smash Patriarchy!”

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, they assaulted cops:

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee officials said they had to use pepper spray Thursday to help break up a rally at the campus after some protesters became violent while trying to enter the building that contains the chancellor’s office.

Sixteen people were detained and 15 were arrested during the afternoon rally, university spokesman Tom Luljak said. The rally coincided with rallies at colleges nationwide, criticizing the rising cost of higher education.

Luljak said university police sprayed pepper spray in the air and called the Milwaukee Police Department for help after some protesters attempted to storm Chapman Hall, the building that houses Chancellor Carlos Santiago’s office. Protesters were punching and kicking officers while some also threw snowballs and ice at the officers, Luljak said.

Students who helped organize the protest said in a statement that officers punched them and described the rally as a peaceful protest of a repressive school administration. No snowballs or punches were thrown at officers, the organizers said.

More than 125 students rallied at UWM’s student union at noon and later marched to the chancellor’s office, according to several accounts.

Luljak said a representative of the protesters was invited into Chapman Hall and asked to deliver any demands from the protesters. The student representative later yelled at the crowd, telling everyone to try to enter, Luljak said. That’s when police intervened.

Four officers were knocked to the ground, Luljak said. UWM’s police chief asked Milwaukee police for help.

More on the UWM arrests here.

Similar stories out of California:

In Northern California, rowdy protesters blocked major gates at two universities and smashed the windows of a car.

Protesters at the University of California, Santa Cruz surrounded the car while its uninjured driver was inside. Earlier, demonstrators blocked campus gates.

University provost David Kliger said there were reports of protesters carrying clubs and knives, but Santa Cruz police Capt. Steve Clark could not confirm those reports. No arrests had been made.

An advisory posted on the school Web site urged people to avoid the campus because of safety concerns.

Longtime readers of this blog are very familiar with the lying, violent leftist tendencies at UC Santa Cruz.

ProtestShooter documented the grievance zoo at Berkeley. Beyond parody indeed:

The bursting of the higher ed bubble is way overdue.


Like I said: Beyond parody (botched University of Washington protest sign via Instapundit)!

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