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Bernie Sanders: Reconciliation-Mania!
Trojan Horse.
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Make sure you listen to this whole screed. Socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders lays out how the Left plans to use reconciliation not just to achieve the government health care takeover, but several other big-ticket, big government items including child care and education.

I’ve transcribed a key passage:

(1:01) Host: To do all those things by majority rule in the Senate with 51 votes, do they have to be broken out as individual pieces of legislation?

Sanders: No, no, no, no. I think, to the best of my knowledge, you have lawyers working on this, you can put it all in one reconciliation bill, which at this point can only cover health care and education.

Host: Right. Fascinating.

Sanders: Now, the other thing is, once you do that, you can go through another reconciliation package, and so long as instructions are given to the relevant committees, you can include a lot more.

So the next time around, after you pass health care and education, you could do, for example, creating millions of jobs, transforming our energy system…you can start investing in jobs in rebuilding our infrastructure…et cetera, et cetera.

(Via Naked Emperor News/BreitbartTV)

The Demcare Trojan Horse rides again.

Message to GOP: Stop it.

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