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Dissent Crushed: CO Dem Sen. Candidate Fires Pat Caddell for Speaking Truth
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Here’s what Democrat tolerance looks like: Via Politico, “progressive” Democrat Senatorial candidate Andrew Romanoff in Colorado has axed veteran political consultant Pat Caddell for calling out the radicalism and brutishness of Big Labor and Big Greens (hat tip: PPC):

Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff’s Senate campaign severed ties with strategist Pat Caddell Tuesday after video surfaced of the longtime Democratic adviser blasting environmentalists and labor, both critical constituencies in Colorado politics.

In a November appearance with conservative policy advocate David Horowitz, Caddell called the SEIU “thugs” and said environmentalists were out to “deconstruct capitalism.”

Hours after a video of the comments was posted on the political website,, the Romanoff campaign announced it had removed Caddell from its campaign team.

“Today a video was posted on ColoradoPols, in which Pat expressed views that were completely at odds with Andrew’s campaign, his career and his commitment to the environment and to Colorado’s working families. Andrew heard those comments for the first time this afternoon and ended Pat’s role in the campaign,” said Romanoff spokesman Dean Toda in a statement.

If more Democrats exhibited half the courage and wisdom Caddell does in assessing the Left’s pathologies, the majority wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in now.

Here’s the video of Caddell saying the things that beholden Democratic politicians can’t say:

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