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Another Serving of Turbaconducken
Bok. Quack. Oink.
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Remember this thing? It’s a Turbaconducken — a roasted chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey, all wrapped in endless slabs of bacon. I made it the symbol of Porkulus One last year.

Now, we learn that Porkulus Two is literally stuffed with chicken-flavored pork. Via Jamie Dupree:

While the Democratic Jobs Bill in the Senate is not yet in a final form, the 362 page draft is chock full of interesting items, like emergency loans for what looks to be chicken farmers who worked with one specific poultry company that went into bankruptcy in late 2008.

On page 139 of the draft document, it lays out who would be eligible for “Emergency Loans For Poultry Producers” and specifies a “poultry integrator” that filed for bankruptcy “during the 30-day period beginning on December 1, 2008.”

The bill makes available $75 million “for the cost of making no-interest emergency loans available to poultry producers that meet the requirements of this subsection.”

Dupree thinks Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s fingerprints are all over the provision.

Bok bok, quack, oink.

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