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Talk to the hand.

I was offline most of the weekend with family, so surfed over to Memeorandum tonight to catch up on the latest blog buzz. What have the left-wing blogs been raging about?

The ink on Sarah Palin’s hand.

The wall-to-wall coverage leads with exclusive” investigative reports from a HuffPo “independent journalist and foreign correspondent.”

Plus: Breaking updates on the “crib notes!”



Founding Bloggers detects the snobbish left’s class undertones:

…the outrage on the left is being completely misunderstood by the right. Democrats don’t mind that she needed a few notes for her speech. They’re upset that Sarah used her hand, proving once again that she is an unsophisticated hick. Everybody knows that whether you taking to sixth grade classroom, or talking dirty to the First Lady, using anything other than a presidential level teleprompter is simply pedestrian.

Stephen Spruiell makes a similar point:

I’m not sure what substantive argument Palin’s hand-notes are supposed to underline, and I suspect it’s not an argument so much as an attitude. The attitude would be that writing on your hand is dumb and low-class. On the left, where this opinion of Palin already prevails, anything which reinforces it will be picked up and cheerfully passed around. And, to the extent that anyone not on the left notices this giddy snobbery, it will play to Palin’s strengths.

For example, one might say: “Unlike the guy who needs a three thousand dollar teleprompter to get out of bed in the morning, Palin speaks from concise notes like everybody else. And, like other busy moms, she sometimes writes notes on her hand.” The comeback is so obvious that, again, I really can’t figure out why Palin’s detractors are bringing this up at all. (emphasis added)

Reason #1: They. Can’t. Help. Themselves.

Reason #2: They’ll grasp at anything, anything at all to distract from their fallen savior and his ubiquitous crutches:

Reason #3: Better to fixate on Palin’s hand than the White House’s perpetual foot-in-mouth disease.


Via Christinakb, Palin responds handily (not sure if this is a photoshop or not, but either way): Heh!

Jim Hoft verifies that the photos are real.


Reader D e-mails: “It doesn’t get much greener than writing notes on your hand, does it? It costs a bit of ink and a bit of soap to wash it off. No teleprompter which uses energy. No paper which kills trees. The Left should be consistent and applaud her greenness.”

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