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This is what happens when Republicans fool themselves into thinking that the man in the White House will work with them.

He reached across the aisle…to smack GOP leaders in the face:

President Barack Obama branded Republicans on Tuesday as electoral opportunists more concerned about their own interests than the people’s, taking a political risk by escalating criticism of the very lawmakers he’s urging to work with him.

The newly combative approach is a double-edged sword for Obama.

Fearful of losses in the November congressional and gubernatorial elections, Democrats have been urging Obama to throw tougher punches at Republicans. Those calls grew louder after the Democrats’ stunning loss two weeks ago of a Senate seat in Massachusetts, seen as an indictment of Democratic control over Congress and the White House.

The president complied on Tuesday, choosing to do so in a state where two House seats and a Senate are in play this fall.

Citing examples, he took Republicans to task for switching positions on important issues just to score points with voters.

“You’re out of patience with this kind of business as usual,” he told his 1,600-member audience. “You want us to start worrying less about our jobs and more about your jobs.”

Who’s the one flitting around furiously from campaign rally to campaign rally recycling a litany of old 2008 rhetoric and wading through 2009 broken promises?

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