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Two Sharp Responses to Obama's SOTU
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Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell is giving a terrific counter-response to Obama’s spend-all, do-all State of the Union address. He is drawing on the Founding Fathers and talking about the need to restrain government. “The federal government is simply trying to do too much.”

Speech excerpts here:


“Good government policy should spur economic growth, and strengthen the private sector’s ability to create new jobs. We must enact policies that promote entrepreneurship and innovation, so America can better compete with the world. What government should not do is pile on more taxation, regulation, and litigation that kill jobs and hurt the middle class.”


“The amount of this debt is on pace to double in five years, and triple in ten. The federal debt is already over $100,000 per household. This is simply unsustainable. The President’s partial freeze on discretionary spending is a laudable step, but a small one. The circumstances of our time demand that we reconsider and restore the proper, limited role of government at every level.”

McDonnell tipped his hat to Scott Brown, quoting his line that feds need to be spending money to protect Americans from terrorists, not funding their legal defense. McDonnell praised private charity, quoting Luke –“To whom much is given is much required.” He talked about protecting life, liberty, and property, again hearkening back to the Founding Fathers.

Terrific rejoinder to Obama — an appealing statement of conservative principles that offers a clear contrast to the Democratic majority’s insatiable appetite for power.

Huge points for excoriating the law enforcement approach to fighting terrorism. Obama was completely silent on terror trials and Gitmo.

Another scorching response to SOTU from Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito:

POLITICO’s Kasie Hunt, who’s in the House chamber, reports that Justice Samuel Alito mouthed the words “not true” when Obama criticized the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision…The shot of the black-robed Supreme Court justices, stone faced, was priceless. Chuck Schumer stood up behind the justices and clapped vigorously while Alito shook his head and quietly mouthed his discontent.

Allah’s got the vid.

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