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What Was Muhammad Abu Tahir Up to on AirTran Airways Flight 39?
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He was reported to have been “drunk” last week on the plane that was diverted.

Do you buy that?

Just asking:

A charge of interference with a flight crew is likely to be filed Monday against Muhammed Abu Tahir, whose allegedly disruptive behavior led to an Atlanta to San Francisco airline flight being diverted to Colorado Springs, the’s office in Denver said Saturday.

Spokesman Jeff Dorschner said that, if convicted, Tahir could face up to 20 years in prison.

A law enforcement source told The Denver Post that Tahir, who turns 47 today, is a Pakistani national who has been in the United States for “quite some time” — since at least 2002.

The source said investigators are attempting to determine Tahir’s profession.

According to El Paso County Jail booking information, Tahir is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 172 pounds. He lives in Glen Allen, Va., a suburb of Richmond, Va. Tahir began his trip Friday in Richmond, and changed planes in Atlanta, boarding AirTran Airways Flight 39. According to AirTran, Tahir, who was allegedly intoxicated, became disruptive and irate with a flight attendant.

…Kathy Wright, spokeswoman for the FBI in Denver, said agents are investigating allegations that Tahir grabbed a flight attendant and that he also removed his shoes during the incident.

Still no more word from the State Department on what his exact immigration status and occupation are. Hello, Foggy Bottom? I’ve asked State for more information.

WaPo, how about follow-up from you?:

Tahir is a Pakistani national who has been in the United States since at least 2002. His occupation and immigration status could not be learned yesterday. He was reportedly traveling alone. According to press accounts he refused to follow instructions by flight attendants and at one point locked himself in the airplane lavatory.


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