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Open Thread: Obama's Statement on the Christmas Day Jihadi Attack; Perfunctory, Hasty, and Bloodless
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President Obama is scheduled to make a public statement this afternoon on the Christmas Day jihadi attack at around 3pm Eastern.

Sure bet: He won’t use the word “jihad.”

Via AP:

The White House says President Barack Obama is preparing to make his first public statement on the Christmas Day terrorist attack and describe U.S. efforts to protect the nation’s skies.

Obama is scheduled to speak soon after 3 p.m. EST about the government’s steps to protect the nation’s travelers and the reviews he has already ordered.

Deputy press secretary Bill Burton said Monday the president believes it is critical that the government learn from the attack on a Detroit-bound airliner and take the necessary measures to prevent future acts of terrorism.

Yes, try to suppress your snort: “Deputy press secretary Bill Burton said Monday the president believes it is critical that the government learn from the attack.”

No word yet on whether the DHS clown-in-chief will appear by his side.

As she insists on the plot being isolated, al Qaeda has formally claimed credit.

The Christmas Day would-be bomber says there are more like him coming.

And Foggy Bottom performed as usual in its visa procedures: Miserably.

Question: Will Obama perpetuate the myth of the poor, oppressed jihadist? Or has he learned nothing?


Update 3pm Eastern. Obama doesn’t bother to wear a tie. He hastily reads a belated statement describing the incident like a small-town sheriff’s deputy rather than the leader of the free world. He ticks off investigative steps in a perfunctory, plodding, bloodless manner. “We will continue to every element of our national power to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat the violent extremists…anywhere where they are plotting attacks against Americans.”

Eyes down on his paper the whole time — not looking at the camera and directing his statements at our enemies.

He talks about “resilience” as a foreign concept, not something he believes in in his heart.

Rushes through the end of his statement with a postscript about the violence in Iran.

Couldn’t get off the podium fast enough.


“We will not rest.” Now, back to his vacation…

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