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Yup, Those Democrats Are All for "Competition" and "Transparency" and "Personal Responsibility"
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Hot Air guest essayist Doctor Zero sums up the Cash for Cloture debacle and the illusion of Demcare succintly:

“Under the Senate reform, competition is still a part of health care. Unfortunately, it’s competition between senators needing payoffs.”

Meanwhile: Hey, how about these “fat cats”, President Obama?

After much trepidation, investors on Monday embraced the health-care sector, with large insurance companies rallying as the Senate moved towards passage of an historic bill to overhaul the nation’s health-care system.

Shares of insurers Cigna Corp. (CI 37.45, +1.65, +4.61%) and Aetna Inc. (AET 33.98, +1.47, +4.52%) both gained about 6%, helping make health-care the best performing sector among the S&P 500’s (SPX 1,115, +12.80, +1.16%) 10 industry groups.

…The new version of the Senate bill prompted Gregory Nersessian of Credit Suisse to raise his price targets on seven insurers: Aetna, Cigna, Amerigroup Corp. (AGP 26.15, +0.36, +1.40%) , Humana Inc. (HUM 45.02, +1.49, +3.41%) , Molina Healthcare Inc. (MOH 23.05, +0.64, +2.86%) , UnitedHealth Group Inc.(UNH 32.06, +0.52, +1.65%) and Wellcare Health Plans Inc. (WCG 38.50, +1.56, +4.22%)


Update: 2:26pm Eastern. GOP Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns is on the Senate floor now blasting Cornhuckster Sen. Ben Nelson’s carveouts and backroom horse-trading. “Nebraskans don’t want special deals.”

“Get rid of all the special deals…There’s still time for the Senate to reject reckless policy and listen to the people. In my state, that’s what they’re asking for.”

GOP Sen. Grassley points out that Democrats have still failed to produce earmark transparency list as required by law supported by Dems in 2007.

Democrat response: Crickets chirping.

Update 2:37pm Eastern. Harkin on the floor is proudly touting his special Iowa Cash for Cloture deal. Pivots to “health care is a right” propaganda. Touts government-subsidized “wellness programs.” For the first time in history, he crows, seniors will have free “personalized prevention plans” under Medicare.

Because, you know, you have an “inalienable right” to government-subsidized wellness programs.

Harkin also cheers Demcare’s “access to safe places to engage in physical activity.” Because that’s an “inalienable right,” too!

And more Nanny State Gone Wild regulations lauded by Harkin: Demcare bill contains a requirement that restaurants put more nutrition information in menus.

Update 2:50pm Eastern. How far we’ve sunk: Harkin’s harangue has turned into a plaintive whine about hos school recess is too short.

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