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Dog-and-Crony Show: Another White House Summit Distraction
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And so the perpetual campaign drones on with today’s White House “jobs summit.”

Jobs for whom?

– Jobs for left-wing special interests. With the Democrat majority clamoring for a government infrastructure-centered Stimulus II, public-section unions are salivating.

– Jobs for the deep-pocketed and the well-connected:

According to Federal Election Committee records, of the 29 attendees named on a partial guest list of the 133 forum attendees, five donated personally to Obama while four others work at organizations that contributed heavily to political action committees that supported his campaign.

Several attendees are labor leaders whose political action committees contributed impressive amounts to Obama’s war chest, including one group that gave nearly $29.5 million.

Anna Burger of Change to Win, who is invited to attend the forum, is secretary treasurer of Service Employees International Union Committee on Political Education, or SEIU COPE, a political action committee that gave $29,442,016 to Obama between February 2008 and September 2009. Burger gave Obama $750 in personal contributions.

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten will also be at the summit. The AFT, along with the AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education, gave Obama $1,997,375 in October 2008. And the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union, which donated $673,309 to Obama from February to October 2008, will also be represented at the forum.

Of the several award-winning economists slated to attend, some are academics who donated hefty amounts to candidate Obama, like Joe Stiglitz of Columbia University, an early supporter who doled out more than $4,000 for his presidential run.

Of the 29 known attendees, only one CEO — Eric Schmidt of Google — donated to Obama. Schmidt gave $25,000 in personal contributions to the president’s inaugural celebration last January. Employees from Google Inc. doled out a whopping $803,436 for Obama’s presidential campaign — the fifth highest of any organization to donate to his record-shattering campaign bounty.

Just another dog-and-crony show drill.


Question: Will Larry Summers stay awake this time? For all the talk about stimulus, he can’t seem to keep himself from nodding off. Can’t blame him. This is the 12th suck-up White House summit of the year.


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