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Will Desiree Rogers Show Up to House Hearing on Crashergate?
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Oh, what a dilemma for White House social secretary/Chicago crony bundler Desiree Rogers!

She has been asked to testify at Thursday’s House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Crashergate.

On the one hand, it’ll be hard for the camera hog to turn down a moment in the nationwide spotlight.

As I told you yesterday, she’s almost as big a publicity hound as the crasher couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi (obligatory Today Show interview here) themselves.

On the other hand, Diva Desiree would have to answer questions under oath.

Decisions, decisions.


Some have characterized the Crashergate story as a “mini-scandal.”

But I want to reiterate a serious security point I made on Fox & Friends last week while discussing this story– a point that should be made during this Thursday’s hearing.

The Obama administration isn’t the first to encounter White House breaches. At least the Salahis never misrepresented themselves.

During the Bush years, I reported on an illegal alien contractor at the White House who had used a false identity and fraudulent documents and was employed for at least two years as a social events supervisor. The Secret Service failed to detect him and he gained access to the Cheneys during a White House Christmas party:


Posing as “Kelvin Rodriguez,” the man — Mexican citizen Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez — worked for HDO Productions Inc., which billed itself as “the nation’s most respected provider of special event tent and accessory rentals.” Martinez-Gonzalez had access to the White House grounds, the Pentagon, and NASA, and rubbed elbows with Washington’s most powerful officials. He kept festive photos of himself with Bill Clinton and the Cheneys as souvenirs to show off his insider access. He had been ordered kicked out of the county by the Immigration and Naturalization Service in February 2000, but was able to evade the law and fool both his employer and the Secret Service through petty identity fraud. He was eventually caught at the U.S.-Mexico border.

If the White House staff/Secret Service can’t keep grifters like the Salahis or petty illegal alien con artists like Martinez-Gonzalez out of the president’s home, what does that say about the feds’ ability to keep far more dangerous intruders out of our homeland?


Good question: The Anchoress wonders if we will ever see the e-mails between the Salahis and DOD official Michele Jones.

Heh. Commenter JSR: “The party crashers Sahalis getting into the White House is a minor story. The real security risk and what I still can’t fathom is that scam artists like the Obamas live there.”

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