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Operation Housecall
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If you can’t make it to the Capitol Hill health care protest in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, there’s still plenty of work to be done from your own backyard.

Tea Party Patriots has a target phone/fax list for Operation Housecall.

Get busy!


For motivation:

The health care bill headed for a vote in the House this week costs $1.2 trillion or more over a decade, according to numerous Democratic officials and figures contained in an analysis by congressional budget experts, far higher than the $900 billion cited by President Barack Obama as a price tag for his reform plan.

While the Congressional Budget Office has put the cost of expanding coverage in the legislation at roughly $1 trillion, Democrats added billions more on higher spending for public health, a reinsurance program to hold down retiree health costs, payments for preventive services and more.

Many of the additions are designed to improve benefits or ease access to coverage in government programs. The officials who provided overall cost estimates did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss them.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has referred repeatedly to the bill’s net cost of $894 billion over a decade for coverage.


Mark Levin and Jon Voight will be on the Capitol Steps!

“We the People” will come knocking on Congress’ door noon hour, Thursday.

In another era, it was Paul Revere red flagging patriots with the immortal words, “The British are coming!”.

Until patriots arrive on Congress steps Thursday at noon, it’s “We the People are coming!” The courageous, Paul Revere like call to action is from bottom liner Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who wouldn’t let Democrats—who changed the locks on doors against the opposition—keep her from turning the tide on the countdown to Obamacare.

Waiting on the Congress steps will be radio talk-show giant, bestselling Liberty & Tyranny author and beloved American folk hero Mark Levin along with “Midnight Cowboy”, “Obama-is-the-false-prophet” crusader Jon Voight.

Being blacked out and bypassed by the mainstream media has only made Bachmann all the more determined to flood Congress with patriots.

Within mere hours of her rally call, the Tea Party Express together with the doctors of Take Back America and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the patriots of Tea Party Patriots Live and Resistnet vowed to “Stand together, speak from the heart and remind Washington we will stand together to protect this country.”

“For months we have all been working feverishly to make sure that government run health care legislation is not passed. We have done it all,” writes Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express.

“We’ve yelled.

“We’ve called.

“We’ve emailed.

“We’ve written.

“We’ve rallied.

“We’ve even marched on the Capitol.

“Still our cries and concerns have not been heard.

“We have cried tears of despair and shouted in frustration, but still many are not listening.”

Michele Bachmann heard, and what started out as the lone voice of a single representative will be joined across the nation by patriots who could not make it to DC on the the notice allowed singing “God Bless America” across the fruited plains.

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