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Corzine Pays Homage to Big Labor, Adds Obligatory Plug for Obamacare
"Knock and drag."
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Losing corruptocrat NJ Gov. Jon Corzine just wrapped up his concession speech. He made a special effort to single out Big Labor several times for their support — and also made an obligatory plug for the Dems’ government health care takeover plans in Washington.

Alas, union brass knuckles were not enough to carry him over the finish line. “Knock and drag” tactics failed this time. Forewarned is forearmed:

The arguments have been made, the jokes and insults traded, the presidents, mayors and governors trotted forth — now it’s time to get voters to the booths, campaigners said.

“We call it knock and drag,” said Jim Williams, general president and director of organizing of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, with about 3,500 members in New Jersey. “We knock on the door and drag ’em out to vote.” Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine joined national union leaders on a get-out-the-vote bus tour throughout the state, while Republican challenger Chris Christie campaigned at diners.

With the candidates neck-and-neck in the polls, voter turnout is crucial for each party. The sunny weather traditionally favors Democrats, but an overall dissatisfaction for Corzine and unhappiness over property taxes that are the highest in the nation could hamper turnout in this traditionally blue state.

Labor union workers, many who said they were unemployed because there were “no jobs,” showed up at rallies in places like Bayonne in Hudson County to pick up packets with home addresses of members mapped out and campaign literature to distribute.

In the hall of the Boilermakers 28, Corzine rallied the workers, repeating a now-familiar theme that the election was about more than the names on the ballot, but about families, jobs and health care.

“I want to be a voice for labor,” the governor said to hoots, cheers and whistles.

I’m sure the Obama administration is cooking up a consolation prize pronto.


Fun fact: Corzine mentioned in his speech that his mother is a Republican and joked that she is happy tonight. He then awkwardly dissed her by dismissing her politics as a function of her age (she is 93). So, he insults fat people on the campaign trail and old people while making his concession address.

Stay classy, Corzine!

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