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The "Media Justice" Mob Strikes Again
Witch hunt.
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Earlier this week, I introduced you to the “media justice” mob — Marxist-inspired activists seeking to crack down on conservative political speech under the guise of combating “hate” and crusading for “diversity.”

“Social justice” = redistribution of wealth and economic “rights.”

“Media justice” = redistribution of speech and First Amendment rights.

Well, they’re at it again. Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters blogs about the latest campaign:

Called, their goal is “to give voice to the millions of Americans who believe it is time for talk-show hosts and elected officials to stop stoking the racial anxieties of the fringes of America.”

They accuse the quintet of spewing “lies and hate speech…in a nationwide witch hunt” against President Obama.

They even call Limbaugh’s “I hope he fails” remark “the verbal equivalent of putting a razor blade in a candy apple.”

Yes, these witch hunters are decrying witch hunters. Pot and kettle.

One of the organizers is Makani Themba- Nixon, Executive Director of The Praxis Project and a member of the Echo Justice coalition.

The Praxis Project explains its name, partly inspired by Marx:

Although there are other organizations with the name Praxis, and there’s even a Praxis Project in the Midwest, we’ve had our name since 1995.

The name is drawn from three meanings for the word Praxis. The first is from Catholic pedagogy where it means practicing one’s religion or applying the principles of religion to day to day living. This value, practicing or living out one’s beliefs—especially as they relate to social justice, is an important part of our organizational philosophy.

Karl Marx took the term to apply it more broadly to the process of applying theory through practice as a methodology for developing more informed theory and practice for social change. Of course, this requires attention to both reflection and direct action, and their relationship to each other. This process is the core of our work.

The final meaning is drawn from more modern roots—Star Trek lore. (If you have no idea about Star Trek, please bear with us while we talk to other trekkies…)

Praxis was a Klingon moon that imploded leaving their world in disarray. The Klingon people had little choice but to make a strategic alliance with the Federation in order to save their world. Klingons had long warred with the Federation. They were an “exotic”, messy addition to the Federation’s fairly homogenous alliance…

The Praxis Project is a signatory to the FCC/left-wing churches/open-borders alliance’s petition to shut up illegal immigration critics on the airwaves.

Know your enemies.

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