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Rejected RNC Solicitation Form of the Day
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It’s becoming a regular feature here at — disgusted conservative readers sending photos and forwarding their “no, hell no!” responses to national Republican Party fund-raisers. They’re sending back Newt Gingrich’s books and telling the Beltway GOP to “Wake up!” Many others I’ve received are, um, unprintable.

Today’s rejected RNC solicitation form of the day comes from conservative Tweeter Cprater in Atlanta, who describes herself as a “Christian, wife, mom of twins, conservative, artist, gun owner, NRA member, lover of wiener dogs.”

Can you hear conservatives now, GOP?

Coincidentally, radical leftist GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava’s campaign was out on the hustings sneering at mainstream Republicans and southern conservatives from Georgia:

“Her positions on a lot of issues are reflective of the electorate here,” said Matt Burns, a Scozzafava spokesman. “If the idea is that every Republican that runs for office needs [to be] someone who fits in Georgia, then it’s going to be very, very difficult for Republicans to gain a majority in the House of Representatives.”

Georgia Republican-turned-entrenched Beltway Republican Newt Gingrich, of course, continues to back the radical leftist Scozzafava.


For reason #99,999 not to donate to national GOP organizations, see this: Dan Riehl reports on how the NRCC bungled NY-23.

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