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MSNBC'Er Blames Teleprompter for Race-Hustling Reverend Mix-Up
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Just imagine the coyote howls of “RAAAAAAACISM” that would be resounding right now if this gaffe had occurred on Fox News instead of “Real News” Network MSNBC. Where are the demands for a “diversity council” to ensure that such “insensitivity” does not occur again?

Priceless moments:

1) When Jesse Jackson’s eyes bulge out so far they almost fall out of their sockets.

2) MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer’s cloying “I’m sooorrry,” which comes only after blaming the script in the monitor for the mix-up and then pretentiously asserting that of course she knows who he is because she was staring right at him.

Prompters make you say the darnedest things, eh?

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