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"Open a Notice of Inquiry Into Hate Speech in the Media."
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The criminalization of conservative speech has been a recurring theme on this blog.

In particular, I’ve spotlighted the efforts of open-borders groups to marginalize, criminalize, and demonize those of us who have raised our voices for years about lax immigration enforcement — and to impose a Fairness Doctrine-style policy on amnesty opponents.

Keep all that in mind as you read this important investigative piece by Jeffrey Lord into collaboration between FCC officials and far Left members of the UCC church on ginning up petition signatures for a federal probe into “hate speech” against “immigrants.”

Lord’s conclusion and wake-up call:

Leading this charge or involved in some capacity are at least one Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, seven national churches, one left-wing billionaire who helps as always with the funding — and last but certainly not least, the White House. Specifically that would be Messrs. Emanuel, Axelrod and Ms. Dunn.

Hello? Is anyone home here? Is the First Amendment — which interestingly protects these very same churches — going to be assaulted like this while everyone just sits by and says nothing?

At a minimum, if you belong to one of these churches — churches that have apparently quite willingly handed themselves over to be political pawns of the FCC and the sentiments as expressed by the White House — this is disgraceful.

Three words seem appropriate: Let us pray.

Because we sure haven’t heard the last of this.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Fairness Doctrine, FCC, Immigration, Media